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Jun-2011A cohort study on obstetric care for HIV positive women in Addis Ababa: Intrapartum transfers and associated delaysMirkuzie, Alemnesh Hailemariam; Hinderaker, Sven Gudmund; Sisay, Mitike Molla; Moland, Karen Marie; Mørkve, Odd
16-Feb-2011Highly conserved serine residue 40 in HIV-1 p6 regulates capsid processing and virus core assemblyVotteler, Jörg; Neumann, Liane; Hahn, Sabine; Hahn, Friedrich; Rauch, Pia; Schmidt, Kerstin; Studtrucker, Nicole; Solbak, Sara Marie Øie; Fossen, Torgils; Henklein, Peter; Ott, David E.; Holland, Gudrun; Bannert, Norbert; Schubert, Ulrich
22-Dec-2009A critical assessment of the WHO responsiveness tool: lessons from voluntary HIV testing and counselling services in KenyaNjeru, Mercy Karimi; Blystad, Astrid; Nyamongo, Isaac K.; Fylkesnes, Knut
21-Apr-2011Practicing provider-initiated HIV testing in high prevalence settings: consent concerns and missed preventive opportunitiesNjeru, Mercy Karimi; Blystad, Astrid; Shayo, Elizabeth H.; Nyamongo, Isaac K.; Fylkesnes, Knut
18-Aug-2009Mental distress in the general population in Zambia: Impact of HIV and social factorsChipimo, Peter Jay; Fylkesnes, Knut
2010Comparative Validity of Screening Instruments for Mental Distress in ZambiaChipimo, Peter Jay; Fylkesnes, Knut
10-Jan-2011Conceptual models for Mental Distress among HIV-infected and uninfected individuals: A contribution to clinical practice and research in primary-health-care centers in ZambiaChipimo, Peter Jay; Tuba, Mary; Fylkesnes, Knut
26-Apr-2011"It is her responsibility": partner involvement in prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV programmes, northern TanzaniaFalnes, Eli Fjeld; Moland, Karen Marie; Tylleskär, Thorkild; De Paoli, Marina M.; Msuya, Sia E.; Engebretsen, Ingunn Marie S.
12-Jul-2011The potential role of mother-in-law in prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV: a mixed methods study from the Kilimanjaro region, northern TanzaniaFalnes, Eli Fjeld; Moland, Karen Marie; Tylleskär, Thorkild; De Paoli, Marina M.; Leshabari, Sebalda Charles; Engebretsen, Ingunn Marie S.
21-May-2011Multiple micronutrient supplementation improves vitamin B12 and folate concentrations of HIV infected children in Uganda: a randomized controlled trialNdeezi, Grace; Tumwine, James K.; Ndugwa, Christopher M.; Bolann, Bjørn J.; Tylleskär, Thorkild