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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
23-Dec-2009"Getting your message through": an editorial guide for meeting publication standardsRingdal, Kjetil Gorseth; Lossius, Hans Morten; Søreide, Kjetil
19-Jan-2011Open access publishing: a girder in the success of the Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine.Lossius, Hans Morten; Søreide, Kjetil
11-Feb-2012Patient safety in pre-hospital emergency tracheal intubation: a comprehensive meta-analysis of the intubation success rates of EMS providersLossius, Hans Morten; Røislien, Jo; Lockey, David J.
20-Nov-2009A consensus-based template for uniform reporting of data from pre-hospital advanced airway managementSollid, Stephen J. M.; Lockey, David J.; Lossius, Hans Morten; Pre-hospital advanced airway management expert group
13-Jul-2009A year of contemplation: looking back and moving forwardSøreide, Kjetil; Lossius, Hans Morten
22-Mar-2012Classification of comorbidity in trauma: agreement and reliability of the pre-injury ASA-PS ScaleRingdal, Kjetil Gorseth; Skaga, Nils Oddvar; Steen, Petter Andreas; Hestnes, Morten; Laake, Petter; Jones, J. Mary; Lossius, Hans Morten
22-Mar-2012Trauma systems in Norway: implementation of national recommendations three years down the lineKristiansen, Thomas; Lossius, Hans Morten; Ringdal, Kjetil Gorseth
26-Oct-2010Submission policy, peer-review and editorial board members: interesting conflicts and conflicts of interestSøreide, Kjetil; Ringdal, Kjetil Gorseth; Lossius, Hans Morten; Editors of the Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine
28-Aug-2009Trauma systems and early management of severe injuries in scandinavia: review and current statusKristiansen, Thomas; Søreide, Kjetil; Ringdal, Kjetil Gorseth; Rehn, Marius; Krüger, Andreas J.; Reite, Andreas; Meling, Terje; Næss, Pål Aksel; Lossius, Hans Morten
16-Mar-2010Inter-hospital transfer: the crux of the trauma system, a curse for trauma registriesLossius, Hans Morten; Kristiansen, Thomas; Ringdal, Kjetil Gorseth; Rehn, Marius