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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
14-Jul-2009Evaluation of the Medical Student Research Programme in Norwegian medical schools. A survey of students and supervisorsHunskår, Steinar; Breivik, Jarle; Siebke, Else-Marie; Tømmerås, Karin; Figenschau, Kristian; Hansen, John-Bjarne
23-Aug-2008The Hordaland Women's Cohort: A prospective cohort study of incontinence, other urinary tract symptoms and related health issues in middle-aged womenJahanlu, David; Qureshi, Samera Azeem; Hunskår, Steinar
10-Sep-2009Diabetes related risk factors did not explain the increased risk for urinary incontinence among women with diabetes. The Norwegian HUNT/EPINCONT studyEbbesen, Marit Helen; Hannestad, Yngvild Skåtun; Midthjell, Kristian; Hunskår, Steinar
28-Aug-2009Incidence of unexpected out-of-hospital death in NorwayZakariassen, Erik; Hunskår, Steinar
19-Dec-2013Changes of triage by GPs during the course of prehospital emergency situations in a Norwegian rural communityRørtveit, Sverre; Meland, Eivind; Hunskår, Steinar
Apr-2009The effect of urinary incontinence status during pregnancy and delivery mode on incontinence postpartum. A cohort studyWesnes, Stian Langeland; Hunskår, Steinar; Bø, Kari; Rørtveit, Guri
1-Nov-2010Urinary Incontinence and Weight Change During Pregnancy and Postpartum: A Cohort StudyWesnes, Stian Langeland; Hunskår, Steinar; Bø, Kari; Rørtveit, Guri
24-Mar-2014Management of chest pain: a prospective study from Norwegian out-of-hours primary careBurman, Robert Anders; Zakariassen, Erik; Hunskår, Steinar
21-Jul-2011Acute chest pain - A prospective population based study of contacts to Norwegian emergency medical communication centresBurman, Robert Anders; Zakariassen, Erik; Hunskår, Steinar
27-May-2011Psychiatry out-of-hours: a focus group study of GPs’ experiences in Norwegian casualty clinicsJohansen, Ingrid Hjulstad; Carlsen, Benedicte; Hunskår, Steinar