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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
1987The Trials of Phillis and Her Children: The First Fugitive Slave Case in Indiana Territory 1804-1808Langsam, Miriam Z.; Little, Monroe H.; Riesterer, Berthold; Crenshaw, Gwendolyn J.
1985Attachment of Anterior Tooth FragmentsAvery, David R.; Barton, Paul; Klein, Arthur Irving, 1922-; Phillips, Ralph W.; Swartz, Marjorie L.; Dean, Jeffrey A.
1988Informed consent: A comparative study of attitudes among pediatric dentists and trial attorneys in IndianaVash, Bruce W.; Karlson, Henry C.; Jones, James E. (James Earl), 1950-; Johnson, Bruce E.; Gillman, Jeffrey B.; Avery, David R., Chair of the Research Committee; Buccino, Michael A. (Michael Anthony), 1956-
1987Computer-assisted analysis of dental crowding and its relationship to tooth size, arch dimension, and arch form in the mixed dentition, utilizing the Apple II personal computerJones, James E. (James Earl), 1950-; Shanks, James C.; Hennon, David Kent, 1933-; Barton, Paul; Avery, David R., Chair of the Research Committee; Kamp, Anthony A. (Anthony Arthur), 1955-
1980A socioeconomic correlation of oral disease in six to thirty-six month old childrenAvery, David R.; Beiswanger, Bradley B.; Gish, Charles W., 1923-; Hennon, David Kent, 1933-; Koerber, Leonard G.; Klein, Arthur Irving, 1922-2004; Vargus, Brian; Weddell, James A. (James Arthur), 1949-
1986Analysis of orthodontic treatment by pediatric dentists and general practitioners in IndianaKasle, Myron J.; Hennon, David Kent, 1933-; Jones, James E. (James Earl), 1950-; Barton, Paul; Avery, David R., Chair of the Research Committee; Koroluk, Lorne D. (Lorne David), 1955-
1984Composite versus amalgam: A three-year clinical study in posterior primary teethNelson, Gayle V. (Gayle Vance), 1946-
1988Effectiveness of the palatal orthopedic appliance in treatment of the unilateral cleft lip and palate patientJohnson, Bruce E.; Jones, James E. (James Earl), 1950-; Bryson, Carolyn; Avery, David R., Research Committee Chair; Robbins, Gregory A. (Gregory Alan), 1958-
1984The relationship between visual motor integration and oral hygiene in childrenKlein, Arthur Irving, 1922-2004; Jones, James E. (James Earl), 1950-; Smith, Ernest; Englander, Meryl E.; Barton, Paul; Preisch, James William, 1948-
1983Self-concept of parental evaluation of peer relationships in cleft lip and palate childrenAvery, David R.; Barton, Paul; Bixler, David; Harshman, Hardwick W., 1914-; Starkey, Paul E.; Jones, James E. (James Earl), 1950-