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23-Jun-2011Comparison of three different prehospital wrapping methods for preventing hypothermia - a crossover study in humansThomassen, Øyvind; Færevik, Hilde; Østerås, Øyvind; Sunde, Geir Arne; Zakariassen, Erik; Sandsund, Mariann; Heltne, Jon-Kenneth; Brattebø, Guttorm
13-Sep-2011Male partner antenatal attendance and HIV testing in eastern Uganda: a randomized facility-based intervention trialByamugisha, Robert; Åstrøm, Anne Nordrehaug; Ndeezi, Grace; Karamagi, Charles A. S.; Tylleskär, Thorkild; Tumwine, James K.
4-Oct-2011Transfer of newborns to neonatal care unit: a registry based study in Northern TanzaniaMmbaga, Blandina T.; Lie, Rolv Terje; Kibiki, Gibson S.; Olomi, Raimos; Kvåle, Gunnar; Daltveit, Anne Kjersti
5-Oct-2011A proposed method to investigate reliability throughout a questionnaireWentzel-Larsen, Tore; Norekvål, Tone M.; Ulvik, Bjørg; Nygård, Ottar; Pripp, Are Hugo
16-Jun-2011Patients Referred to a Norwegian Trauma Centre: effect of transfer distance on injury patterns, use of resources and outcomesKristiansen, Thomas; Lossius, Hans Morten; Søreide, Kjetil; Steen, Petter Andreas; Gaarder, Christine; Næss, Pål A.
13-Oct-2011The top five research priorities in physician-provided pre-hospital critical care: a consensus report from a European research collaborationFevang, Espen; Lockey, David J.; Thompson, Julian; Lossius, Hans Morten
12-May-2011Treatment delay among tuberculosis patients in Tanzania: Data from the FIDELIS InitiativeHinderaker, Sven Gudmund; Madland, Simon; Ullenes, Martin; Enarson, Donald Arthus; Rusen, I. D.; Kamara, Deudatus
13-May-2011Diagnostic scope in out-of-hours primary care services in eight European countries: an observational studyHuibers, Linda A. M. J.; Moth, Grete; Bondevik, Gunnar Tschudi; Kersnik, Janko; Huber, Carola A.; Christensen, Morten B.; Leutgeb, Rüdiger; Casado, Armando M.; Remmen, Roy; Wensing, Michel
18-Sep-2011Do public health nurses in Norway promote information on oral health?Skeie, Marit Slåttelid; Skaret, Erik; Espelid, Ivar; Misvær, Nina
12-Oct-2011Collecting core data in severely injured patients using a consensus trauma template: an international multicentre studyRingdal, Kjetil Gorseth; Lossius, Hans Morten; Jones, Mary J.; Lauritsen, Jens M.; Coats, Timothy J.; Palmer, Cameron S.; Lefering, Rolf; Bartolomeo, Stefano Di; Dries, David J.; Søreide, Kjetil