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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2015Assessment of myocardial blood flow, viability and diffuse fibrosis in patients after arterial switch and ross operation with magnetic resonance imagingPham, Minh H; Wegner, Philip; Jerosch-Herold, Michael; Voges, Inga; Andrade, Ana C; Hart, Christopher; Shah, Ravi V; Kramer, Hans-Heiner; Rickers, Carsten
2014Left atrial passive function after aortic valve replacement in aortic stenosisFarhad, Hoshang; Neilan, Tomas; Abbasi, Siddique; Shah, Ravi V; Feng, Jiazuo; Kwong, Raymond Y; Jerosch-Herold, Michael
2014Myocardial strain imaging with radial acquisitions (SIRA) reduces tag fading compared to Cartesian samplingHulten, Edward; Shah, Ravi V; Abbasi, Siddique; Neilan, Tomas; Feng, Jiazuo; Groarke, John; Waller, Alfonso H; Blankstein, Ron; Kwong, Raymond Y; Jerosch-Herold, Michael
2014Method for a detailed evaluation of respiratory cardiac contributions to blood flow in Fontan circulationGabbert, Dominik Daniel; Hart, Chris; Jerosch-Herold, Michael; Voges, Inga; Wegner, Philip; Pardun, Eileen; Hansen, Traudel; Kramer, Heiner; Rickers, Carsten
2013T1 measurements identify extracellular volume expansion in a genotyped hypertrophic cardiomyopathy population with and without left ventricular hypertrophyAbbasi, Siddique Akbar; Shah, Ravi Vikram; Neilan, Tomas G; Heydari, Bobby; Chen, Yucheng; Jerosch-Herold, Michael; Kwong, Raymond Yan-Kit; Ho, Carolyn Yung
2015Effect of late sodium current inhibition on MRI measured diastolic dysfunction and myocardial perfusion reserve in aortic stenosis: a pilot studySingh, Anvesha; Khan, Jamal N; Steadman, Christopher D; Jerosch-Herold, Michael; Nazir, Sheraz A; Kanagala, Prathap; McCann, Gerry P