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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2017Development of the Anatomical Quality Assurance ( AQUA ) Checklist : Guidelines for Reporting Original Anatomical StudiesTomaszewski, Krzysztof A; Henry, Brandon Michael; Ramakrishnan, Piravin Kumar; Roy, Joyeeta; Vikse, Jens; Loukas, Marios; Tubbs, R Shane; Walocha, Jerzy A
2017Development of the Anatomical Quality Assessment ( AQUA ) Tool for the Quality Assessment of Anatomical Studies Included in Meta-Analyses and Systematic ReviewsHenry, Brandon Michael; Tomaszewski, Krzysztof A; Ramakrishnan, Piravin Kumar; Roy, Joyeeta; Vikse, Jens; Loukas, Marios; Tubbs, R Shane; Walocha, Jerzy A
2017Clay-supported nanoscale zero-valent iron composite materials for the remediation of contaminated aqueous solutions: A reviewEzzatahmadi, Naeim; Ayoko, Godwin a.; Millar, Graeme J.; Speight, Robert; Yan, Cheng; Li, Jihong; Li, Shizhong; Zhu, Jianxi; Xi, Yunfei
2017The marketing potential of corporate social responsibility activities : the case of the alcohol industry in Latin America and the CaribbeanPantani, Daniela; Peltzer, Raquel; Cremonte, Mariana; Robaina, Katherine; Babor, Thomas; Pinsky, Ilana
2017Pre-term birth and low birth weight following preimplantation genetic diagnosis : analysis of 88 010 singleton live births following PGD and IVF cyclesSunkara, Sesh Kamal; Antonisamy, Belavendra; Selliah, Hepsy Y; Kamath, Mohan S
2017Factors associated with seminal impairment in HIV-infected men under antiretroviral therapyJerónimo, a.; Baza, M.B.; Río, I.; Vera, M.; Hernando, V.; Castilla, J.; Rodriguez, C.; Del Romero, J.
2017Low-pressure Hydrocephalus in Children : A Case Series and Review of the LiteratureSmalley, Zachary S; Venable, Garrett T; Einhaus, Stephanie
2017Outcomes of Transferring a Healthy Motor Fascicle From the Radial Nerve to a Branch for the Triceps to Recover Elbow Extension in Partial BrachialFlores, Leandro Pretto
2017Commentary : Appropriate Use Criteria for Lumbar Degenerative Scoliosis : Developing Evidence-based Guidance for Complex Treatment DecisionsGlassman, Steven D; Berven, Sigurd H; Mummaneni, Praveen V; Polly, David W
2017Percutaneous Instrumentation Without Arthrodesis for Thoracolumbar Flexion-Distraction Injuries: A Review of the LiteraturePradilla, Gustavo; Rodts, Gerald E; Ahmad, Faiz U