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2014Tracheal intubation in patients with odentogenous abscesses and reduced mouth openingPfo, R; Mohr, C; Groeben, H
2013Double-lumen tube tracheal intubation using a rigid video-stylet : a randomized controlled comparison with the Macintosh laryngoscopeYang, M; Kim, J A; Ahn, H J; Choi, J W; Kim, D K; Cho, E A
2016Eosinophilic Esophagitis Strongly Linked to Chronic RhinosinusitisPadia, Reema; Curtin, Karen; Peterson, Kathryn; Orlandi, Richard R; Alt, Jeremiah
2016Transnasal endoscopic medial maxillary sinus wall transposition with preservation of structuresMaxfield, Alice Z.; Chen, Tiffany T.; Scopel, Tiago F.; Engle, Robert; Piastro, Kristina; Butrymowicz, Anna; Kenning, Tyler; Pinheiro-Neto, Carlos D.
2016Glass Ionomer Application for Vocal Fold Augmentation : Histopathological Analysis on Rabbit Vocal FoldDemirci, Sule; Tuzuner, Arzu; Callıoglu, Elif Ersoy
2016Staged Laryngeal Reconstruction With a Prefabricated Flap for Radiation Recurrent Glottic CarcinomaMourad, Moustafa W; Su, Henry K; Castro, Jerry R; Lazarus, Cathy L; Clain, Jason B; Mojica, Jacqueline S; Urken, Mark L
2016Familial Risk of Pediatric Chronic RhinosinusitisOrb, Quinn; Curtin, Karen; Oakley, Gretchen M; Wong, Jathine; Meier, Jeremy; Orlandi, Richard R; Alt, Jeremiah A
2016Nasal obstruction has a limited impact on sleep quality and quality of life in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis.Thomas, Andrew J; Orlandi, Richard R; Ashby, Shaelene; Mace, Jess C; Smith, Timothy L; Alt, Jeremiah a
2016Managing blocked foley catheter balloons when removing posterior nasal packs in epistaxis patientsAbbas, Jonathan R.; Agrawal, Sanjeet
2016Incidence of Intracranial Radiation Necrosis Following Postoperative Radiation Therapy for Sinonasal MalignanciesAhmad, Shah; Le, Christopher H; Chiu, Alexander G; Chang, Eugene H