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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2016Cognitive Load in Distributed and Massed Practice in Virtual Reality Mastoidectomy SimulationArild, Steven; Andersen, Wuyts; Mikkelsen, Peter Trier; Konge, Lars
2016The Topical Use of Insulin Accelerates the Healing of Traumatic Tympanic Membrane PerforationsAraujo, Marcos Miranda; Andrade, Adriana; Murashima, Batista; Alves, Vani Maria
2016Combination of mTOR and EGFR Targeting in an Orthotopic Xenograft Model of Head and Neck CancerBozec, Alexandre; Ebran, Nathalie; Radosevic-robin, Nina; Sudaka, Anne; Monteverde, Martino; Toussan, Nicolas; Nigro, Cristiana Lo; Merlano, Marco
2016Viral Load and mRNA Expression of HPV Type 6 Among Cases With Recurrent Respiratory PapillomatosisForslund, Ola; Schwartz, Stefan; Olofsson, Katarina; Rydell, Roland
2016Soot and House Dust Mite Allergen Cause Eosinophilic Laryngitis in an Animal ModelBelafsky, Peter C; Peake, Janice; Smiley-jewell, Suzette M; Verma, Sunil P; Dworkin-valenti, James; Pinkerton, Kent E
2016Derivation and Characterization of Porcine Vocal Fold Extracellular Matrix ScaffoldWrona, Emily A; Peng, Robert; Born, Hayley; Amin, Milan R; Branski, Ryan C; Freytes, Donald O
2016Rhinology and Medical Malpractice : An Update of the Medicolegal Landscape of the Last Ten YearsTolisano, Anthony M; Justin, Grant A; Ruhl, Douglas S; Cable, Benjamin B
2016Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Alterations in Developing Spontaneously Hypertensive RatsAnne, Greice; Alice, Vania; Mendes, De Aguiar; Genari, Adriana Borges; Castania, Jaci Ayrton; Salgado, Cesar; Fazan, Sassoli
2016A Low-Cost Transcervical Laryngeal Injection TrainerCabrera-muffly, Cristina; Clary, Matthew S; Abaza, Mona
2014Contemporary Management of Frontal Sinus Mucoceles : A Meta-AnalysisCourson, Andy M; Stankiewicz, James A; Lal, Devyani