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2014Elevated Intracranial Pressure in Patients with Spontaneous Cerebrospinal Fluid OtorrheaAllen, Kyle P; Perez, Carlos L; Kutz, J Walter; Gerecci, Deniz; Roland, Peter S; Isaacson, Brandon
2014Contemporary Management of Frontal Sinus Mucoceles : A Meta-AnalysisCourson, Andy M; Stankiewicz, James A; Lal, Devyani
2014Coblation Total Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy Versus Coblation Partial Intracapsular Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy in ChildrenDuarte, Victor M; Liu, Yuan F; Shapiro, Nina L
2014Effectiveness of Subcutaneous Immunotherapy for Allergic Rhinoconjunctivitis and Asthma : A Systematic ReviewErekosima, Nkiruka; Suarez-cuervo, Catalina; Ramanathan, Murugappan; Kim, Julia M; Chelladurai, Yohalakshmi; Segal, Jodi B; Lin, Sandra Y
2014Platysma Synkinesis in Facial Palsy and Botulinum Toxin Type AAngelo, Anna Dall; Mandrini, Silvia; Sala, Vittorio; Pavese, Chiara; Carlisi, Ettore; Comelli, Mario; Toffola, Elena D
2014Changing Perception : Facial Reanimation Surgery Improves Attractiveness and Decreases Negative Facial PerceptionDey, Jacob K; Ishii, Masaru; Boahene, Kofi D O; Byrne, Patrick J; Ishii, Lisa E
2014Pediatric Temporal Bone Fractures : Current Trends and Comparison of Classification SchemesDunklebarger, Joshua; Branstetter, Barton; Lincoln, Anne; Sippey, Megan; Cohen, Michael; Gaines, Barbara; Chi, David
2014Supraclavicular Flap Reconstruction Following Total LaryngectomyEmerick, Kevin S; Herr, Marc A; Deschler, Daniel G
2014Relationships Between Epistaxis , Migraines , and Triggers in Hereditary Hemorrhagic TelangiectasiaElphick, Amy; Shovlin, Claire L
2014Otoscopy Simulation Training in a Classroom Setting : A Novel Approach to Teaching Otoscopy to Medical StudentsDavies, Joel; Djelic, Lucas; Campisi, Paolo; Forte, Vito; Chiodo, Albino