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2013Neohormones as biomarkers of reproductive healthAnand-ivell, Ravinder; Ph, D; Dai, Yanzhenzi; Sc, B; Ivell, Richard; Ph, D
2013Health-related quality of life in pregnancy and postpartum among women with assisted conception in CanadaVinturache, Angela; Ph, D; Stephenson, Nikki; Sc, M; Mcdonald, Sheila; Ph, D; Wu, Muci; Sc, B
2013PON1 polymorphisms are associated with polycystic ovary syndrome susceptibility , related traits , and PON1 activity in Indian women with the syndromeDadachanji, Roshan; Sc, M; Shaikh, Nuzhat; Sc, M; Khavale, Sushma; Sc, B; Patil, Anushree
2013Contribution of different bone marrow-derived cell types in endometrial regeneration using an irradiated murine modelPh, D; Khurana, Satish; Ph, D; Faus, Amparo; Sc, B
2013Mutational screening of NR5A1 gene encoding steroidogenic factor 1 in cryptorchidism and male factor infertility and functional analysis of seven undescribed mutationsFerlin, Alberto; Ph, D; Rocca, Maria Santa; Sc, B; Vinanzi, Cinzia; Sc, B; Ghezzi, Marco
2013hyperactivation , and for fertilization and embryo development in in vitro fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injection ?Breznik, Barbara Pregl; Sc, B; Kova, Borut
2013Blastocentesis : a source of DNA for preimplantation genetic testing . Results from a pilot studyGianaroli, Luca; Magli, M Cristina; Sc, M; Pomante, Alessandra; Ph, D; Crivello, Anna M; Sc, B; Cafueri, Giulia; Sc, B; Valerio, Marzia; Sc, B; Ferraretti, Anna P
2013Does culture medium in fl uence offspring birth weight ?Carrasco, Beatriz; Sc, M; Ph, D; Rodríguez, Ignacio; Sc, B
2013Preimplantation genetic testing : polar bodies , blastomeres , blastocoelic fl uid ?Magli, M Cristina; Sc, M; Pomante, Alessandra; Ph, D; Cafueri, Giulia; Sc, B; Valerio, Marzia; Sc, B
2013altered spatial patterns of organization in men with primary seminiferous tubule failure compared with controlsTrish, Jenna; Sc, B; Meachem, Jayne; Ph, D; Bryan, Kathleen O; Ph, D