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2016The value of molecular stratification for CEBPA(DM) and NPM1(MUT) FLT3(WT) genotypes in older patients with acute myeloid leukaemia.Dickson, Glenda J; Bustraan, Sophia; Hills, Robert K; Ali, Akbar; Goldstone, Anthony H; Burnett, Alan K; Linch, David C; Gale, Rosemary E
2016Combined Extraperitoneal and Transperitoneal Laparoscopic Extended Partial Cystectomy for the Treatment of Urachal Carcinoma.Wang, Baojun; Li, Xintao; Ming, Shaoxiong; Ma, Xin; Li, Hongzhao; Ai, Qing; Zhang, Xu
2016Sufficient Volume Ablation with Photoselective Vaporization of the Prostate Delivers 5-Year Durability and Improves Symptom Relief for Larger Prostates.Otsuki, Hideo; Kuwahara, Yoshitaka; Kosaka, Takeo; Nakamura, Kenzo; Tsukamoto, Takuji
2016Five-Year Follow-Up Study of Transurethral Plasmakinetic Resection of the Prostate for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.Hu, Yangyang; Dong, Xuecheng; Wang, Guangchun; Huang, Jianhua; Liu, Min; Peng, Bo
2016Prognostic Factors for Long-Term Survival in Patients with Renal-Cell Carcinoma After Radiofrequency Ablation.Zhang, Fan; Chang, Xiaofeng; Liu, Tieshi; Wang, Wei; Zhao, Xiaozhi; Ji, Changwei; Yang, Rong; Guo, Hongqian
2016Post-Transurethral Resection of the Prostate Inflation of Pressure-Controlled Endorectal Balloon-Impact on Postoperative Bleeding: A Preliminary Experimental Pilot Study.Mohyelden, Khaled; Ibrahim, Hamdy; Abdel-Kader, Osman; Sherief, Mahmoud H; El-Nashar, Ahmed; Shaker, Hosam; Elkoushy, Mohamed a
2016Predictive role of Toll-like receptors 2, 4, and 9 in oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma.Makinen, Laura K; Atula, Timo; Hayry, Valtteri; Jouhi, Lauri; Datta, Neeta; Lehtonen, Sanna; Ahmed, Abdirisak; Makitie, Antti a; Haglund, Caj; Hagstrom, Jaana
2016Policy on hospital staff membership.Committee, Originating; Council, Review
2016Enhanced fatty acid oxidation in adipocytes and macrophages reduces lipid-induced triglyceride accumulation and inflammationMalandrino, Maria Ida; Fucho, Raquel; Weber, Minéia; Calderon-Dominguez, María; Mir, Joan Francesc; Valcarcel, Lorea; Escoté, Xavier; Gómez-Serrano, María; Peral, Belén; Salvadó, Laia; Fernández-Veledo, Sonia; Casals, Núria; Vázquez-Carrera, Manuel; Villarroya, Francesc; Vendrell, Joan J; Serra, Dolors; Herrero, Laura
2016Treatment of periodontal disease in older adultsWennstrom, J L