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2015Multicentre validation of manufacturers' weight-based recommendations for laryngeal mask airway size choice in anaesthetic practice: A retrospective analysis of 20,893 cases.Avidan, Alexander; Eden, Arieh; Reider, Evgeni; Weissman, Charles; Levin, Phillip David
2016Symptomatic bone langerhans cell histiocytosis treated at diagnosis or after reactivation with indomethacin aloneBraier, Jorge; Rosso, Diego; Pollono, Daniel; Rey, Guadalupe; Lagomarsino, Eduardo; Latella, Antonio; Zubizarreta, Pedro
2016Sedation for short hemato-oncologic invasive procedures in children: comparison of propofol-remifentanil and propofol-fentanylInce, I E; Iyilikci, L; Yilmaz, S; Gunes, D; Akkus, M; Isguven, D
2016Hepatotoxicity from arsenic trioxide for pediatric acute promyelocytic leukemia.Hao, Liangchun; Zhao, Jishu; Wang, Xiuli; Wang, Hong; Wang, Huan; Xu, Gang
2013Hydrogen peroxide diffusion dynamics in dental tissues.Ubaldini, a L M; Baesso, M L; Medina Neto, a; Sato, F; Bento, a C; Pascotto, R C
2014Economic modeling of sealing primary molars using a "value of information" approach.Ney, J P; van der Goes, D N; Chi, D L
2015Effect of rapid maxillary expansion on nocturnal enuresis.Usumez, Serdar; Iseri, Haluk; Orhan, Metin; Basciftci, Faruk Ayhan
2013 Cardiovascular (9921).pdf.jpg2013Primary cardiac tumors in children: a 16-year experienceMariano, a; Pita, a; Leon, R; Rossi, R; Gouveia, R; Teixeira, a; Ferreira, R; Anjos, R; Menezes, I; Martins, F M
2013Common SNPs of AmelogeninX (AMELX) and dental caries susceptibility.Gasse, B; Grabar, S; Lafont, a G; Quinquis, L; Opsahl Vital, S; Davit-Béal, T; Moulis, E; Chabadel, O; Hennequin, M; Courson, F; Droz, D; Vaysse, F; Laboux, O; Tassery, H; Al-Hashimi, N; Boillot, a; Carel, J C; Treluyer, J M; Jeanpierre, M; Beldjord, C; Sire, J Y; Chaussain,
2013Ankylosis of temporomandibular joint after the traumatic brain injury: a report of two cases.Meng, Qinggong; Li, Bo; Long, Xing; Li, Jian; Yan, Quanmei