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2015Role of Obesity on the Prognosis of Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss in Adults.Hwang, Juen-Haur
2015Evaluation of frozen section margins in high-risk cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neckChambers, K J; Kraft, S; Emerick, K
2015Clinical characteristics of keratosis obturans and external auditory canal cholesteatoma.Park, So Young; Jung, Young Hoon; Oh, Jeong-Hoon
2015Lymphedema outcomes in patients with head and neck cancer.Smith, Brad G; Hutcheson, Katherine a; Little, Leila G; Skoracki, Roman J; Rosenthal, David I; Lai, Stephen Y; Lewin, Jan S
2013Non-Hodgkin lymphoma involving the parotid gland: CT and MR imaging findingsZhu, L; Wang, P; Yang, J; Yu, Q
2015Psychosocial distress in patients with thyroid cancer.Buchmann, Luke; Ashby, Shaelene; Cannon, Richard B; Hunt, Jason P
2014Fecal microbiota transplant for treatment of Clostridium difficile infection in immunocompromised patientsKelly, C R; Ihunnah, C; Fischer, M; Khoruts, a; Surawicz, C; Afzali, a; Aroniadis, O; Barto, a; Borody, T; Giovanelli, a; Gordon, S; Gluck, M; Hohmann, E L; Kao, D; Kao, J Y; McQuillen, D P; Mellow, M; Rank, K M; Rao, K; Ray, a; Schwartz, M a; Singh, N; Stollman, N; Suskind, D
2014Association between prophylactic implantable cardioverter-defibrillators and survival in patients with left ventricular ejection fraction between 30% and 35%.Al-Khatib, Sana M; Hellkamp, Anne S; Fonarow, Gregg C; Mark, Daniel B; Curtis, Lesley H; Hernandez, Adrian F; Anstrom, Kevin J; Peterson, Eric D; Sanders, Gillian D; Al-Khalidi, Hussein R; Hammill, Bradley G; Heidenreich, Paul a; Hammill, Stephen C
2015Laryngeal Papillary Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Population-Based Analysis of Incidence and SurvivalDutta, R; Husain, Q; Kam, D; Dubal, P M; Baredes, S; Eloy, J a
2016 Infectious Diseases (2612).pdf.jpg2016Factors associated with syphilis infection: a comprehensive analysis based on a case-control study.Xiao, Y; Li, S-L; Lin, H-L; Lin, Z-F; Zhu, X-Z; Fan, J-Y; Gao, K; Zhang, H-L; Lin, L-R; Liu, L-L; Tong, M-L; Niu, J-J; Yang, T-C