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2015Multicentre validation of manufacturers' weight-based recommendations for laryngeal mask airway size choice in anaesthetic practice: A retrospective analysis of 20,893 cases.Avidan, Alexander; Eden, Arieh; Reider, Evgeni; Weissman, Charles; Levin, Phillip David
9-Nov-2013Personality traits predict job stress, depression and anxiety among junior physiciansGramstad, Thomas Olsen; Gjestad, Rolf; Haver, Brit
2013Interactive effects of joint angle, contraction state and method on estimates of achilles tendon moment armsFath, F; Blazevich, AJ; Waugh, CM; Miller, SC; Korff, T
2008Mutation of C20orf7 disrupts complex I assembly and causes lethal neonatal mitochondrial diseaseSugiana, C; Pagliarini, DJ; McKenzie, M; Kirby, DM; Salemi, R; Abu-Amero, KK; Dahl, HH; Hutchison, WM; Vascotto, KA; Newbold, RF
1995Effects of intervention upon precompetition state anxiety in elite junior tennis players: The relevance of the matching hypothesisTerry, P; Coakley, L; Karageorghis, CI
2016Developmental biology: Females have a lot of guts.Fear, Justin; Oliver, Brian
2016Vietnam begins huge effort to identify war dead.Abbott, Alison
2013 Cardiovascular (9938).pdf.jpg2013Red blood cell distribution width predicts long term cardiovascular event after on-pump beating coronary artery bypass graftingGurbuz, O; Kumtepe, G; Ozkan, H; Karal, I H; Ercan, a; Ener, S
2013Results of the two incidence screenings in the National Lung Screening Trial.Aberle, Denise R; DeMello, Sarah; Berg, Christine D; Black, William C; Brewer, Brenda; Church, Timothy R; Clingan, Kathy L; Duan, Fenghai; Fagerstrom, Richard M; Gareen, Ilana F; Gatsonis, Constantine a; Gierada, David S; Jain, Amanda; Jones, Gordon C; Mahon, Irene; Mar
2013Letters to the editor: re: "real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction analysis of patients with refractory chronic periodontitis".Hakki, Sema S; Ataoğlu, Tamer; Hakki, Erdogan E; Kayis, Seyit Ali