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2013Nuclear magnetic resonance metabolomic pro fi ling of urine provides a noninvasive alternative to the identi fi cation of biomarkers associated with endometriosisSc, M; Morcillo, Inmaculada; Puchades-carrasco, Leonor; Ph, D
2013A tumor necrosis factor- a inhibitor reduces the embryotoxic effects of endometriotic peritoneal fl uidChen, Yi-jen; Ph, D; Wu, Hua-hsi; Liau, Wan-ting; Sc, M; Tsai, Chang-youh; Ph, D
2013modulates invasiveness of endometriotic cells via dysregulation of the proteolytic milieu and interleukin-6 secretionGreve, Burkhard; Ph, D; Hassan, Hebatallah; Sc, M
2013Surgical removal of endometriotic lesions alters local and systemic proin fl ammatory cytokines in endometriosis patientsMonsanto, Stephany P; Sc, M; Edwards, Andrew K; Ph, D; Zhou, Juhua; Ph, D; Nagarkatti, Prakash; Ph, D
2013Augmented epithelial multidrug resistance – associated protein 4 expression in peritoneal endometriosis : regulation by lipoxin A 4Gori, Ilaria; Ph, D; Rodriguez, Yoima; Sc, M; Pellegrini, Chiara; Sc, M; Achtari, Chahin
2013Elevated expression of CD147 in patients with endometriosis and its role in regulating apoptosis and migration of human endometrial cellsJin, Aihong; Sc, M; Chen, Hao; Ph, D; Wang, Chaoqun; Sc, M; Tsang, Ling; Sc, M; Jiang, Xiaohua; Ph, D
2013follicular microenvironment , and oocyte quality in women with endometriosisGoud, Pravin T; Ph, D; Goud, Anuradha P; Sc, M; Ph, D; Joshi, Narendra; Ph, D
2013Fas ligand D fallopian tube epithelium induces apoptosis in both Fas receptor D T lymphocytes and endometrial cellsIllanes, Sebastian E; Maisey, Kevin; Sc, M; Sandoval, Marcelo; Ph, D; Reyes, Felipe E; Ph, D
2013Dopamine receptor D2 genotype ( 3438 ) is associated with moderate / severe endometriosis in infertile women in BrazilBilibio, Paolo; Sc, M; Matte, Ursula; Ph, D; Conto, Emily De; Genro, Krebs; Ph, D
2013proliferation , invasiveness , and stem cell phenotype of an in vitro endometriosis model by targeting multiple cytoskeletal elements and pluripotency factorsSchneider, Cornelia; Sc, M