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2013Validation of a Mathematical Model for Ultrasound Assessment of Gastric Volume by Gastroscopic ExaminationPerlas, Anahi; Mitsakakis, Nicholas; Sc, M; Liu, Louis; Cino, Maria; Haldipur, Nidhi; Davis, Liisa; Cubillos, Javier; Chan, Vincent
2013Spermatozoa micro ribonucleic acid – 34c level is correlated with intracytoplasmic sperm injection outcomesCui, Long; Sc, M; Fang, Li; Sc, M; Shi, Biwei; Sc, M; Qiu, Sunquan; Sc, M; Ye, Yinghui; Ph, D
2013Differences in the seminal plasma proteome are associated with oxidative stress levels in men with normal semen parametersIntasqui, Paula; Sc, M; Antoniassi, Pereira; Sc, M; Camargo, Mariana; Sc, M
2013Mild ovarian stimulation with clomiphene citrate launch is a realistic option for in vitro fertilizationFerraretti, Anna Pia; Ph, D; Gianaroli, Luca; Magli, Maria Cristina; Sc, M; Devroey, Paul; Ph, D
2013of hypertensionFarland, Leslie V; Sc, M; Grodstein, Francine; Sc, D; Srouji, Serene S; Forman, John P; Sc, M
2013In vivo mechanisms of uterine myoma volume reduction with ulipristal acetate treatmentCourtoy, Guillaume E; Sc, M; Donnez, Jacques; Ph, D; Marbaix, Etienne; Ph, D
2013Comprehensive chromosome screening improves embryo selection : a meta-analysisDahdouh, Elias M; Sc, M; Balayla, Jacques; García-velasco, Juan Antonio; Ph, D
2013Ultramicro-trauma in the zone and pale cell migration in adenomyosisIbrahim, Mohamed G; Sc, M; Chiantera, Vito; Frangini, Sergio; Younes, Shadi; Sc, M
2013Six years ' experience in ovum donation using vitri fi ed oocytes : report of cumulative outcomes , impact of storage time , and development of a predictive model for oocyte survival ratePh, D; Sc, M; Pellicer, Antonio
2013Health-related quality of life in pregnancy and postpartum among women with assisted conception in CanadaVinturache, Angela; Ph, D; Stephenson, Nikki; Sc, M; Mcdonald, Sheila; Ph, D; Wu, Muci; Sc, B