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2017Influence of Ethanol on Oxycodone-inducedSchrier, Rutger Van Der; Roozekrans, Margot; Olofsen, Erik; Sc, M; Aarts, Leon; Ph, D; Velzen, Monique Van; Ph, D; Jong, Merijn De; Sc, B; Dahan, Albert; Ph, D; Niesters, Marieke; Ph, D
2016Appropriateness of Language Used in Patient AssociationsGovender, Denira; Sc, B; Villafranca, Alexander; Sc, M; Hamlin, Colin; Hiebert, Brett; Sc, M; Parveen, Divya; Sc, B; Jacobsohn, Eric; Ch, M B B
2016Perioperative Diastolic Dysfunction in Patients Undergoing Noncardiac Surgery Is an Independent Risk Factor for Cardiovascular EventsReview, A Systematic; Ruddy, Terrence; Wells, George A; Sc, B; Sc, M; Ph, D
2013Health-related quality of life in pregnancy and postpartum among women with assisted conception in CanadaVinturache, Angela; Ph, D; Stephenson, Nikki; Sc, M; Mcdonald, Sheila; Ph, D; Wu, Muci; Sc, B
2013PON1 polymorphisms are associated with polycystic ovary syndrome susceptibility , related traits , and PON1 activity in Indian women with the syndromeDadachanji, Roshan; Sc, M; Shaikh, Nuzhat; Sc, M; Khavale, Sushma; Sc, B; Patil, Anushree
2014A Four-Month Gatifloxacin-Containing Regimen for Treating TuberculosisGninafon, Martin; Lo, Mame B; Mthiyane, Thuli; Sc, M; Kassa, Ferdinand; Diaye, Alimatou N; Rustomjee, Roxana; Jong, Bouke C De; Ph, D; Horton, John; Perronne, Christian; Sismanidis, Charalambos; Ph, D; Lapujade, Olivier; Sc, B; Merle, Corinne S; Fielding, Katherine; Sow,
2014a 1900Geerlings, Maartje J; Sc, M; Duran, Karen; Sc, B; Harakalova, Magdalena; Ph, D; Walker, Valerie; Gozalbo, M Estela Rubio; Ph, D; Vries, Maaike C De
2013Meiotic and sperm aneuploidy studies in three carriers of Robertsonian translocations and small supernumerary marker chromosomesKirkpatrick, Gordon; Sc, M; Ren, He; Sc, B; Liehr, Thomas; Ph, D; Chow, Victor; Ma, Sai; Ph, D
2016new england journalJohnson, Peter; Federico, Massimo; Kirkwood, Amy; Sc, M; Fosså, Alexander; Berkahn, Leanne; Carella, Angelo; Amore, Francesco; Enblad, Gunilla; Franceschetto, Antonella; Fulham, Michael; Luminari, Stefano; Doherty, Michael O; Patrick, Pip; Ph, D; Roberts, Thomas; Sc, B; S
2016The fate of research abstracts submitted to a national surgical conference : a cross-sectional study to assess scientific impactMeijer, Vincent E De; Ph, D; Sc, M; Knops, Simon P; Ph, D; Dongen, Joris A Van; Sc, B; Eyck, Ben M; Sc, B; Vles, Wouter J; Ph, D