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2016Influence of preoperative magnetic resonance imaging on the surgical management of breast cancer patientsParsyan, Armen; Ph, D; H, M P; Moldoveanu, Dan; D, M; Balram, Bhairavi; D, M; Wong, Stephanie; D, M; Dong, David; Zhang, Qi; D, M; Svadzian, Anita; A, B; Allard-coutu, Alexandra; D, M; Delisle, Megan; D, M; Mesurolle, Benoit; D, M; Meterissian, Sarkis; Sc, M
2016Validation of a novel intraoperative assessment tool : The Surgical Procedure Feedback RubricToprak, Ayca; D, M; Luhanga, Ulemu; Sc, M; Ed, M; Jones, Sarah; Ph, D; Winthrop, Andrea; D, M; Mcewen, Laura; Ph, D
2016Whatever happens to trauma patients who leave against medical advice ?Metcalfe, David; Ch, M B B; Yorkgitis, Brian K; O, D; Cooper, Zara; Sc, M; Askari, Reza; D, M; Havens, Joaquim M; D, M; Brat, Gabriel A; Sc, M; Haider, Adil H; H, M P; Salim, Ali; D, M
2016Women in academic surgery : why is the playing field still not level ?Seemann, Natashia M; D, M; Webster, Fiona; Ph, D; Holden, Helen Alyx; Sc, M; Moulton, Carol-anne E; Ph, D; Baxter, Nancy; Ph, D; Desjardins, Christine; A, B; Cil, Tulin; Ed, M
2016Explaining the excess morbidity of emergency general surgery : packed red blood cell and fresh frozen plasma transfusion practices are associated with major complications in nonmassively transfused patientsHavens, Joaquim M; D, M; Do, Woo S; D, M; Kaafarani, Haytham; D, M; Mesar, Tomaz; D, M; Reznor, Gally; S, M; Cooper, Zara; Sc, M; Askari, Reza; D, M; Kelly, Edward; D, M; Columbus, Alexandra B; D, M; Gates, Jonathan D; A, M B; Haider, Adil H; H, M P; Salim, Ali; D, M
2016The truth about trauma readmissionsOlufajo, Olubode A; H, M P; Cooper, Zara; Sc, M; Yorkgitis, Brian K; O, D; Najjar, Peter A; D, M; Metcalfe, David; Ch, M B B; Havens, Joaquim M; D, M; Askari, Reza; D, M; Brat, Gabriel A; Sc, M; Haider, Adil H; H, M P; Salim, Ali; D, M
2013Normal male sexual function : emphasis on orgasm and ejaculationAlwaal, Amjad; Sc, M; Breyer, Benjamin N; Lue, Tom F; D, M
2016The accuracy of endorectal ultrasound in staging rectal lesions in patients undergoing transanal endoscopic microsurgeryLeon-carlyle, Marisa; Brown, Jacqueline A; D, M; Hamm, Jeremy; Sc, M; Phang, P Terry; S, F A C; Brown, Carl J; Sc, M; C, F R C S
2013Randomized , controlled pilot trial of natural versus hormone replacement therapy cycles in frozen embryo replacement in vitro fertilizationMounce, Ginny; Sc, M; Mcveigh, Enda; Turner, Karen; Ph, D; Child, Tim J; D, M
2013Hysteroscopic local anesthetic intrauterine cornual block in of fi ce endometrial ablation : a randomized controlled trialKumar, Vinod; Ph, D; Tryposkiadis, Konstantinos; Sc, M; Gupta, Janesh Kumar; D, M