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2016Data Sharing — Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze ?Strom, Brian L; Buyse, Marc E; Sc, D; Hughes, John; Sc, B; Knoppers, Bartha M; Ph, D
2013Adverse pregnancy outcomes after in vitro fertilization : effect of number of embryos transferred and plurality at conceptionLuke, Barbara; Sc, D; Stern, Judy E; Ph, D; Kotelchuck, Milton; Ph, D
2013Adverse pregnancy and birth outcomes associated with underlying diagnosis with and without assisted reproductive technology treatmentStern, Judy E; Ph, D; Luke, Barbara; Sc, D; Tobias, Michael; Gopal, Daksha
2017Resolution of Disease Phenotypes Resulting from Multilocus Genomic VariationRosenfeld, Jill A; James, Regis A; Ph, D; Akdemir, Zeynep H Coban; Ph, D; Gibbs, Richard A; Ph, D; Boerwinkle, Eric; Ph, D; Eng, Christine M; Sutton, V Reid; Shaw, Chad A; Ph, D; Plon, Sharon E; Ph, D; Yang, Yaping; Ph, D; Lupski, James R; Ph, D; Sc, D
2015edi t or i a l Cleaner Air , Bigger LungsDockery, Douglas W; Sc, D; Ware, James H; Ph, D
2015edi t or i a l Cleaner Air , Bigger LungsDockery, Douglas W; Sc, D; Ware, James H; Ph, D
2013about ObesityBirch, Leann L; Ph, D; Brown, Andrew W; Ph, D; Brown, Michelle M Bohan; Ph, D; Durant, Nefertiti; Dutton, Gareth; Ph, D; Foster, E Michael; Ph, D; Heymsfield, Steven B; Mciver, Kerry; Mehta, Tapan; Menachemi, Nir; Ph, D; Newby, P K; Sc, D; Pate, Russell; Ph, D
2017Implantation of an Artificial Larynx after Total LaryngectomyTannock, Ian F; Ph, D; Hickman, John A; Sc, D
2013Gonadotropin dose is negatively correlated with live birth rate : analysis of more than 650 , 000 assisted reproductive technology cyclesBaker, Valerie L; Brown, Morton B; Ph, D; Luke, Barbara; Sc, D; Smith, George W; Ph, D
2013Dynamic antim € ullerian hormone levels during controlled ovarian hyperstimulation predict in vitro fertilization response and pregnancy outcomesStyer, Aaron K; Gaskins, Audrey J; Sc, D; Brady, Paula C; Sluss, Patrick M; Ph, D