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2013Novel technologies for selecting the best sperm for in vitro fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injectionSakkas, Denny; Ph, D
2013Panitumumab–FOLFOX4 Treatment andTabernero, Josep; Burkes, Ronald; Barugel, Mario; Kocákova, Ilona; Ph, D; Ruff, Paul; Błasińska-morawiec, Maria; Šmakal, Martin; Canon, Jean Luc; Rother, Mark; Williams, Richard; Ph, D; Rong, Alan; Ph, D; Wiezorek, Jeffrey; Sidhu, Roger; Patterson, Scott D; Ph, D
2013Comparison of enzymatic digestion and mechanical dissociation of human testicular tissuesSchneider, Florian; Redmann, Klaus; Ph, D; Wistuba, Joachim; Ph, D; Schlatt, Stefan; Ph, D
2013Changes in antim € ullerian hormone levels in early pregnancy are associated with preterm birthStegmann, Barbara J; Ph, D; Santillan, Mark; Leader, Benjamin; Ph, D
2013Antim € ullerian hormone levels and antral follicle count as prognostic indicators in a personalized prediction model of live birthNelson, Scott M; Ph, D; Fleming, Richard; Ph, D; Gaudoin, Marco; Choi, Bokyung; Ph, D
2013Spermatozoa micro ribonucleic acid – 34c level is correlated with intracytoplasmic sperm injection outcomesCui, Long; Sc, M; Fang, Li; Sc, M; Shi, Biwei; Sc, M; Qiu, Sunquan; Sc, M; Ye, Yinghui; Ph, D
2013Neohormones as biomarkers of reproductive healthAnand-ivell, Ravinder; Ph, D; Dai, Yanzhenzi; Sc, B; Ivell, Richard; Ph, D
2013ullerian hormone levels and numbers and sizes of antral follicles in regularly menstruating women of reproductive age referenced to true ovulation dayGnoth, Christian; Ph, D; Roos, Judith; Broomhead, David; Ph, D; Schiffner, Julia
2013examining the effects of alpha-lipoic acid supplement on the spermatogram and seminal oxidative stress in infertile menHaghighian, Hossein Khadem; Haidari, Fatemeh; Ph, D; Mohammadi-asl, Javad; Ph, D
2013The use of genomics , proteomics , and metabolomics in identifying biomarkers of male infertilityKovac, Jason R; Ph, D; Pastuszak, Alexander W; Ph, D; Lamb, Dolores J; Ph, D