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2017Optimal scan timing for artery – vein separation at whole-brain CT angiography using a 320-row MDCT volume scannerPaper, Full
2017Sensation of smell and taste during intravenous injection of iodinated contrast media in CT examinationsPaper, Full
2017Nomogram for radiation-induced hypothyroidism prediction in nasopharyngeal carcinoma after treatmentPaper, Full
2017Diagnostic efficacy of single-pass abdominal multidetector- row CT : prospective evaluation of a low dose protocolPaper, Full
2017Impact of hybrid iterative reconstruction on unenhanced liver CTPaper, Full
2017Clinical respiratory motion correction software ( reconstruct , register and averaged — RRA ), for 18 F-FDG- PET-CT : phantom validation , practical implications and patient evaluationPaper, Full
2017Application of gray level mapping in computed tomographic colonography : a pilot study to compare with traditional surface rendering method for identification and differentiation of endoluminal lesionsPaper, Full
2017Dosimetric characterization and behaviour in small X-ray fields of a microchamber and a plastic scintillator detectorPaper, Full
2017FULL PAPER A prospective evaluation of contrast and radiation dose and image quality in cardiac CT in children with complex congenital heart disease using low-concentration iodinated contrast agent and low tube voltage and currentPaper, Full
2017Influence of cardiac motion on stent lumen visualization in third generation dual-source CT employing a pulsatile heart modelPaper, Full

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