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2014Multi-Scale Imaging and Informatics Pipeline for In Situ Pluripotent Stem Cell AnalysisGorman, Bryan R.; Lu, Junjie; Baccei, Anna; Lowry, Nathan C.; Purvis, Jeremy E.; Mangoubi, Rami S.; Lerou, Paul H.
2015Stereotactic body radiotherapy for early-stage non-small cell lung cancer: clinical outcomes from a National Patient RegistryDavis, Joanne N.; Medbery, Clinton; Sharma, Sanjeev; Perry, David; Pablo, John; D’Ambrosio, David J.; McKellar, Heidi; Kimsey, Frank C.; Chomiak, Paul N.; Mahadevan, Anand
2016Does Fentanyl Lead to Opioid-induced Hyperalgesia in Healthy Volunteers?: A Double-blind, Randomized, Crossover Trial.Mauermann, Eckhard; Filitz, Joerg; Dolder, Patrick; Rentsch, Katharina M; Bandschapp, Oliver; Ruppen, Wilhelm
1-Nov-2012Atrial fibrillation and heart failure in seven nursing homesKrüger, Kjell; Sandli, Marie; Geitung, Jonn Terje; Eide, Geir Egil; Grimsmo, Anders
2014Oncogenic RIT1 mutations in lung adenocarcinomaBerger, A H; Imielinski, M; Duke, F; Wala, J; Kaplan, N; Shi, G-X; Andres, D A; Meyerson, M
2003A Functional Genomic Analysis of Cell Morphology Using RNA InterferenceKiger, AA; Baum, B; Jones, MR; Coulson, A; Echeverri, C; Perrimon, Norbert; Jones, S
2014Pulmonary hypertension caused by pulmonary venous hypertensionKulik, Thomas J.
2011Can Electronic Tools Help Improve Nursing Home Quality?Krüger, Kjell; Strand, Line; Geitung, Jonn Terje; Eide, Geir Egil; Grimsmo, Anders
2013 Cardiovascular (10609).pdf.jpg2013Evaluation of autologous platelet rich plasma for cardiac surgery : outcome analysis of 2000 patientsPatel, Amit N; Selzman, Craig H; Kumpati, Ganesh S; Mckellar, Stephen H; Bull, David A
2016Cutaneous Mitochondrial PO2, but Not Tissue Oxygen Saturation, Is an Early Indicator of the Physiologic Limit of Hemodilution in the Pig.Römers, Luuk H L; Bakker, Charlotte; Dollée, Nathalie; Hoeks, Sanne E; Lima, Alexandre; Raat, Nicolaas J H; Johannes, Tanja; Stolker, Robert J; Mik, Egbert G