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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
7-May-2013Conscientious objection in the healing professions: a readers' guide to the ethical and social issuesOdell, Jere D.; Comer, Amber (Malcolm) M.; Rua, Avril N. N.; Abhyankar, Rahul D.
2015Traditional Chinese Medicine and Autonomic DisordersToda, Kazuo; Zeredo, Jorge L.; Uchida, Sae; Napadow, Vitaly
31-Aug-2011CTSA 2 Community: www.ctsa2community.orgAckermann, Ronald; Hardwick, Emily; Comer, Karen; Hudson, Brenda; Odell, Jere D.; Arenson, Andrew; Barnett, Bill; McGuire, Patrick; Derr, Michelle; Reid, Tisha; Vandergraff, Donna; Marrero, David G.
2015Individual- and population-level effects of childhood adversity and emotional problems on early-onset suicide plans and/or attempt(s)Mortier, Philippe; Demyttenaere, K; Auerbach, RP; Green, JG; Kessler, RC; Kiekens, G; Nock, MK; Bruffaerts, R
2015Stem Cell Differentiation and Therapeutic UseAlexander, Matthew S.; Casar, Juan Carlos; Motohashi, Norio
2014GAP WORK project report: training for youth practitioners on tackling gender-related violenceAlldred, P; David, M; Biglia, B; Jiménez, E; Folgueiras, P; Olivella, M; Cagliero, S; Inaudi, CM; McMahon, B; McArdle, O; Cullen, F; Guizzo, G; Stenstrom, M; Levitan, N; Rivers, I; Velasco, A; Azpiazu, J
2014Cardiomyocyte cell cycle: Meis-ing something?Mahmoud, Ahmed I; Canseco, Diana; Xiao, Feng; Sadek, Hesham A
2013Analysis of cGMP signalling with transgenic mice expressing FRET-based cGMP sensorsWen, Lai; Thunemann, Martin; Feil, Susanne; Hillenbrand, Matthias; Vachaviolos, Angelos; Ott, Thomas; Han, Xiaoxing; Fukumura, Dai; Jain, Rakesh K; de Wit, Cor; Russwurm, Michael; Feil, Robert
2013Proteolytic autodigestion: Common tissue pathology in Shwachman-Diamond syndrome?Kelley, James M; Tulpule, Asmin; Daley, George Q