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2008BCI-FES training system design and implementation for rehabilitation of stroke patientsMeng, Fei; Tong, Kai-yu Raymond; Chan, Suk-tak Phoebe; Wong, Wan-wa; Lui, Ka-him; Tang, Kwok-wing; Gao, Xiaorong; Gao, Shangkai
2009Integrating PhysX and OpenHaptics : efficient force feedback generation using physics engine and haptic devicesChan, Leon Sze-Ho; Choi, Kup-Sze
2010Toward realistic virtual surgical simulation : using heuristically parameterized anisotropic mass-spring model to simulate tissue mechanical responsesChoi, Kup-Sze
11-May-2007Learning takes place : a need to examine our nursing curriculumChan, Engle Angela
7-Jul-2014Use of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to support situation assessment and decision-making in search and rescue operations in the mountainsAbrahamsen, Håkon Bjorheim
7-Jul-2014How to improve situation assessment and decision-making in a simulated mass casualty incident by using an Unmanned Aerial VehicleAbrahamsen, Håkon Bjorheim
2005The Transcription T-bet is Required for Optimal Proinflammatory Trafficking of CD4+ T CellsRao, RM; Lord, GM; Lichtman, AH; Luscinskas, FW; Choe, H.; Glimcher, Laurie Hollis
2008Problem based learning: An innovative approach to learning and teachingShia, N
2011Cortical changes in chronic low back pain: Current state of the art and implications for clinical practiceWand, BM; Parkitny, L; O'Connell, NE; Luomajoki, H; Thacker, M; Moseley, GL; McAuley, JH
1-Jan-2013Monitoring habits and physiological data in the frail elderlyClarke, M; Gokalp, H; Fursse, J; Jones, R