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2016Cerebral oxygen saturation and cardiac output during anaesthesia in sitting position for neurosurgical procedures : a prospective observational studySchramm, P; Tzanova, I; Hagen, F; Berres, M; Closhen, D; Pestel, G; Engelhard, K
2016Iso fl urane enhances the malignant potential of glioblastoma stem cells by promoting their viability , mobility in vitro and migratory capacity in vivoZhu, M; Li, M; Zhou, Y; Dangelmajer, S; Kahlert, U D; Xie, R; Xi, Q; Shahveranov, A; Ye, D; Lei, T
2016Sodium bicarbonate does not prevent postoperative acute kidney injury after off-pump coronary revascularization : a double-blinded randomized controlled trialSoh, S; Song, J W; Shim, J K; Kim, J H; Kwak, Y L
2016Magnesium sulphate attenuates acute postoperative pain and increased pain intensity after surgical injury in staged bilateral total knee arthroplasty : a randomized ,Shin, H; Kim, E; Na, H; Kim, T K; Kim, M; Do, S
2016Ultrasonographic measurement of antral area for estimating gastric fl uid volume in parturientsZieleskiewicz, L; Boghossian, M C; Delmas, A C; Jay, L; Bourgoin, A; Carcopino, X; Poirier, M; Cogniat, B; Stewart, A; Chassard, D; Leone, M; Bouvet, L; Echo, C A R; Networks, Collaborative; Marseille, Aix; Livon, Boulevard Charles
2016Covert stroke after non-cardiac surgery : a prospective cohort studyMrkobrada, M; Hill, M D; Chan, M T V; Sigamani, A; Cowan, D; Kurz, A; Sessler, D I; Jacka, M; Graham, M; Dasgupta, M; Dunlop, V; Emery, D J; Gulka, I; Guyatt, G; Murkin, J; Pettit, S; Sahlas, D J; Sharma, M; Sharma, M; Srinathan, S; John, P St; Tsai, S; Gelb, A W; Donnell, M O;
2016Current practice of rapid sequence induction of anaesthesia in the UK - a national surveySajayan, A; Wicker, J; Ungureanu, N; Mendonca, C; Kimani, P K
2013 Cardiovascular (3791).pdf.jpg2013Interventional cardiology Stroke in the TOTAL trial : a randomized trial of routine thrombectomy vs . percutaneous coronary intervention alone in ST elevation myocardial infarctionJolly, Sanjit S; Cairns, John A; Yusuf, Salim; Meeks, Brandi; Gao, Peggy; Hart, Robert G; Kedev, Sasko; Stankovic, Goran; Moreno, Raul; Horak, David; Kassam, Saleem; Rokoss, Michael J; Leung, Raymond C M; El-omar, Magdi; Romppanen, Hannu O; Alazzoni, Ashraf; Alak, Aiman; Fung, Anthony
2015The use of positron emission tomography / computed tomography imaging in radiation therapy : a phantom study for setting internal target volume of biological target volumeKawakami, Wataru; Takemura, Akihiro; Yokoyama, Kunihiko; Nakajima, Kenichi; Yokoyama, Syoichi
2016Factors influencing disclosure among women experiencing intimate partner violence during pregnancy in Moshi Municipality , TanzaniaKatiti, Victor; Sigalla, Geofrey Nimrod; Rogathi, Jane; Manongi, Rachel; Mushi, Declare