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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2016Revision Neural Monitored Surgery for Recurrent Thyroid Cancer : Safety and Thyroglobulin ResponseSalari, Behzad; Ren, Yin; Kamani, Dipti; Randolph, Gregory W
2016Laryngeal Adenosquamous Carcinoma : A Population-Based PerspectiveDubal, Pariket M; Unsal, Aykut A; Echanique, Kristen A; Vazquez, Alejandro; Reder, Lindsay S; Baredes, Soly; Eloy, Jean Anderson
2016Effect of oxygen tension on tissue-engineered human nasal septal chondrocytesTwu, Chih-Wen; Reuther, Marsha S.; Briggs, Kristen K.; Sah, Robert L.; Masuda, Koichi; Watson, Deborah
2016Novel Mouse Model for Simulating Microsurgical Tumor Excision With Facial Nerve PreservationLim, Jae H; Boyle, Glen M; Panizza, Benedict
2016Combination of mTOR and EGFR Targeting in an Orthotopic Xenograft Model of Head and Neck CancerBozec, Alexandre; Ebran, Nathalie; Radosevic-robin, Nina; Sudaka, Anne; Monteverde, Martino; Toussan, Nicolas; Nigro, Cristiana Lo; Merlano, Marco
2016Long-Term Outcomes of Powered Endoscopic Dacryocystorhinostomy in Acute DacryocystitisChisty, Naja; Singh, Manpreet; Ali, Mohammad Javed; Naik, Milind N
2016Correlation Between Remnant Inferior Turbinate Volume and Symptom Severity of Empty Nose SyndromeHong, Hye Ran; Jang, Yong Ju
2016Viral Load and mRNA Expression of HPV Type 6 Among Cases With Recurrent Respiratory PapillomatosisForslund, Ola; Schwartz, Stefan; Olofsson, Katarina; Rydell, Roland
2016Effects of Chemotherapy on Gene Expression of Lingual Taste Receptors in Patients With Head and Neck CancerTsutsumi, Rie; Goda, Masakazu; Fujimoto, Chisa; Kanno, Kyoko
2016Comparison of Interstitial Brachytherapy and Surgery as Primary Treatments for Nasal Vestibule CarcinomasBussu, Francesco; Tagliaferri, Luca; Mattiucci, Giancarlo; Parrilla, Claudio; Artuso, Alberto; Galli, Jacopo; Dinapoli, Nicola; Micciche, Francesco; Almadori, Giovanni; Valentini, Vincenzo; Paludetti, Gaetano