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2016Improving Access and Timeliness of Care for Veterans With Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma : A Multidisciplinary Team ’ s ApproachPatil, Reena Dhanda; Meinzen-derr, Jareen K; Hendricks, Brian L; Patil, Yash J
2016The Topical Use of Insulin Accelerates the Healing of Traumatic Tympanic Membrane PerforationsAraujo, Marcos Miranda; Andrade, Adriana; Murashima, Batista; Alves, Vani Maria
2016Pang-Rotenberg Sign — Snoring Surgery Prognosticator : A Prospective Clinical Trial of 153 PatientsPang, Kenny P; Oto, Frcsi; Kishore, Srivinas; Chung, Joseph; Kit, Chun; Pang, Edward B; Chan, Yiong Huak; Keat, Siow Jin; Rotenberg, Brian
2016Does Quality of Life Depend on Speech Recognition Performance for Adult Cochlear Implant Users ?Capretta, Natalie R; Moberly, Aaron C
2016Subjective Visual Vertical Testing in Children and AdolescentsBrodsky, Jacob R; Cusick, Brandon A; Kenna, Margaret A; Zhou, Guangwei
2016The Chronic Obstructive Sialadenitis Symptoms Questionnaire to Assess Sialendoscopy-Assisted SurgeryAubin-pouliot, Annick; Delagnes, Elise A; Eisele, David W; Chang, Jolie L; Ryan, William R
2016Clinical Analysis of Drug-Induced Sleep Endoscopy for the OSA PatientGolbin, Dina; Musgrave, Brandon; Succar, Eric; Yaremchuk, Kathleen
2016Methylprednisolone Use During Radiotherapy Extenuates Hearing Loss in Patients With Nasopharyngeal CarcinomaChen, Junming; Zhao, Yuanxin; Zhou, Xiaowei; Tan, Lingmei; Ou, Zeying; Yu, Youjun; Wang, Yuejian
2016Histopathological Features of Sinonasal Inverted Papillomas in Chinese PatientsZhao, Li; Li, Chun Wei; Jin, Peng; Ng, Chew Lip; Lin, Zhi Bin
2016Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Recovery Patterns Assessed by Serial ElectromyographyPaniello, Randal C; Park, Andrea M; Bhatt, Neel K; Al-lozi, Muhammad