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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2013Subspecialty training in andrologyKrausz, Csilla; Ph, D; Brannigan, Robert E; Sigman, Mark; D, M
2013PON1 polymorphisms are associated with polycystic ovary syndrome susceptibility , related traits , and PON1 activity in Indian women with the syndromeDadachanji, Roshan; Sc, M; Shaikh, Nuzhat; Sc, M; Khavale, Sushma; Sc, B; Patil, Anushree
2013myometrial and fi broid stem cell markersMas, Aymara; Nair, Sangeeta; Laknaur, Archana; Diamond, Michael P; Al-hendy, Ayman
2013Are pregnancy planning and timing associated with preterm or small for gestational age births ?Gariepy, Aileen M; Lundsberg, Lisbet S; Ph, D; Stolar, Marilyn; Ph, D; Stanwood, Nancy L
2013Fellowship training and board certi fi cation in reproductive endocrinology and infertilityGambone, Joseph C; Segars, James H; Cedars, Marcelle
2013First contact : the intersection of demographics , knowledge , and appraisal of treatment at the initial infertility visitChildress, Krista J; Lawson, Angela K; Ph, D; Ghant, Marissa S; Mendoza, Gricelda
2013Gestational hypothyroidism : development of mild hypothyroidism in early pregnancy in previously euthyroid womenHammond, Karen R; Cataldo, Nicholas A; Hubbard, Janice A; Malizia, Beth A
2013Predictive value of maternal serum human chorionic gonadotropin levels in pregnancies achieved by in vitro fertilization with single cleavage and single blastocyst embryo transfersOron, Galia; Esh-broder, Efrat; Son, Weon-young; Ph, D; Holzer, Hananel
2013Potential long-term risks associated with maternal aging ( the role of the mitochondria )Wilding, Martin; Ph, D
2013Menopausal hot fl ashes and the default mode networkThurston, Rebecca C; Ph, D; Maki, Pauline M; Ph, D; Derby, Carol A; Ph, D; Sejdi, Ervin