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2013Occlusal effects on longitudinal bone alterations of the temporomandibular joint.Zhang, J; Jiao, K; Zhang, M; Zhou, T; Liu, X-D; Yu, S-B; Lu, L; Jing, L; Yang, T; Zhang, Y; Chen, D; Wang, M-Q
2012Functional imaging reveals working memory and attention interact to produce the attentional blinkJohnston, SJ; Linden, DEJ; Shapiro, KL
2013The effect of esthetic crown lengthening on perceptions of a patient's attractiveness, friendliness, trustworthiness, intelligence, and self-confidence.Malkinson, Sam; Waldrop, Thomas C; Gunsolley, John C; Lanning, Sharon K; Sabatini, Robert
2015Effect of rapid maxillary expansion on nocturnal enuresis.Usumez, Serdar; Iseri, Haluk; Orhan, Metin; Basciftci, Faruk Ayhan
2015Use of recombinant factor VII for tooth extractions in a patient with severe congenital factor VII deficiency.Weinstock, Robert J; Onyejiuwa, Andrew; Shnayder, Garry; Clarkson, Earl I
2013 Cardiovascular (9921).pdf.jpg2013Primary cardiac tumors in children: a 16-year experienceMariano, a; Pita, a; Leon, R; Rossi, R; Gouveia, R; Teixeira, a; Ferreira, R; Anjos, R; Menezes, I; Martins, F M
2013Common SNPs of AmelogeninX (AMELX) and dental caries susceptibility.Gasse, B; Grabar, S; Lafont, a G; Quinquis, L; Opsahl Vital, S; Davit-Béal, T; Moulis, E; Chabadel, O; Hennequin, M; Courson, F; Droz, D; Vaysse, F; Laboux, O; Tassery, H; Al-Hashimi, N; Boillot, a; Carel, J C; Treluyer, J M; Jeanpierre, M; Beldjord, C; Sire, J Y; Chaussain,
2013Prevalence and severity of periodontitis in Indonesian patients with rheumatoid arthritis.Susanto, Hendri; Nesse, Willem; Kertia, Nyoman; Soeroso, Juwono; Huijser van Reenen, Yvonne; Hoedemaker, Eveliene; Agustina, Dewi; Vissink, Arjan; Abbas, Frank; Dijkstra, Pieter U
2015Endocultivation: Histomorphological effects of repetitive rhBMP-2 application into prefabricated hydroxyapatite scaffolds at extraskeletal sitesBeck-Broichsitter, B E; Becker, S T; Seitz, H; Wiltfang, J; Warnke, P H
2013LAMB3 mutations causing autosomal-dominant amelogenesis imperfecta.Kim, J W; Seymen, F; Lee, K E; Ko, J; Yildirim, M; Tuna, E B; Gencay, K; Shin, T J; Kyun, H K; Simmer, J P; Hu, J C-C