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2014Management of choroidal melanomas less than 10 mm in largest basal diameter with a 10-mm ruthenium plaque.Salkola, Susanna; Heikkonen, Jorma; Eskelin, Sebastian; Kivela, Tero
2015Intraocular pressure trends after intravitreal injections of anti-vascular endothelial growth factor agents for diabetic macular edemaAl-Abdullah, a a; Nowilaty, S R; Asghar, N; Al-Kharashi, a S; Ghazi, N G
2015Choroidal thickness measured with swept source optical coherence tomography before and after vitrectomy with internal limiting membrane peeling for idiopathic epiretinal membranesMichalewska, Z; Michalewski, J; Adelman, R a; Zawislak, E; Nawrocki, J
2014Ocular findings at initial pan retinal photocoagulation for proliferative diabetic retinopathy predict the need for future pars plana vitrectomy.Parikh, Ravi; Shah, Rohan J; VanHouten, Jacob P; Cherney, Edward F
2013Multicenter study on season of birth and celiac disease: evidence for a new theoretical model of pathogenesis.Tanpowpong, Pornthep; Obuch, Joshua C; Jiang, Hongyu; McCarty, Caitlin E; Katz, Aubrey J; Leffler, Daniel a; Kelly, Ciaran P; Weir, Dascha C; Leichtner, Alan M; Camargo, Carlos a
2014Effect of knowledge of APOE genotype on subjective and objective memory performance in healthy older adults.Lineweaver, Tara T; Bondi, Mark W; Galasko, Douglas; Salmon, David P
2013Comorbidities and mortality in persons with schizophrenia: a Swedish national cohort studyCrump, C; Winkleby, M a; Sundquist, K; Sundquist, J
2015Safety and efficacy of landiolol hydrochloride for prevention of atrial fibrillation after cardiac surgery in patients with left ventricular dysfunction: Prevention of Atrial Fibrillation After Cardiac Surgery With Landiolol Hydrochloride for Left VentricSezai, Akira; Osaka, Shunji; Yaoita, Hiroko; Ishii, Yusuke; Arimoto, Munehito; Hata, Hiroaki; Shiono, Motomi
2015Focus on the surgical approach to transcatheter aortic valve implantation: Complications, outcome, and preoperative risk adjustment.Scherner, Maximilian; Madershahian, Navid; Ney, Svenja; Kuhr, Kathrin; Rosenkranz, Stephan; Rudolph, Tanja K; Kuhn, Elmar; Slottosch, Ingo; Deppe, Antje; Choi, Yeong-Hoon; Baldus, Stephan; Wahlers, Thorsten