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2016Towards individualized perioperative , goal-directed haemodynamic algorithms for patients of advanced age : observations during a randomized controlled trialBartha, E; Arfwedson, C; Imnell, A; Kalman, S
2016Predicting arterial blood gas and lactate from central venous blood analysis in critically ill patients : a multicentre , prospective , diagnostic accuracy studyBoulain, T; Garot, D; Vignon, P; Lascarrou, J; Dequin, P
2016Development , psychometric evaluation and validation of a brief measure of emotional preoperative stress ( B-MEPS ) to predict moderate to intense postoperative acute pain †Caumo, W; Furtado, M Nazare; Camey, S; Castro, S Maris De Jezus; Torres, I L S; Stefani, L Cadore
2016Ultrasound assessment of the gastric contents for the guidance of the anaesthetic strategy in infants with hypertrophic pyloric stenosis : a prospective cohort studyGagey, A; Siqueira, M De Queiroz; Desgranges, F; Combet, S; Naulin, C; Chassard, D; Bouvet, L; Bernard, Claude; Thomas, Albert
2016Postpartum haemorrhage related early increase in D-dimers is inhibited by tranexamic acid : haemostasis parameters of a randomized controlled open labelled trialDuhamel, A; Kipnis, E; Tournoys, A; Elkalioubie, A; Jeanpierre, E; Debize, G; Deprost, D; Huissoud, C; Rauch, A; Susen, S; Nord, Lille; De, Hôpital; Rousse, Croix; Lyon, Hôpitaux; Mourier, Hôpital Louis; Biologique, Hématologie; Colombes, F-; Lyon, Hôpitaux Civils
2016Compliance with evidence-based clinical management guidelines in bleeding trauma patientsGodier, A; Bacus, M; Kipnis, E; Tavernier, B; Guidat, A; Rauch, A; Drumez, E; Susen, S
2016on outcome after oesophagectomy †Howells, P; Thickett, D; Knox, C; Park, D; Gao, F; Tucker, O; Whitehouse, T; Mcauley, D; Perkins, G
2016I . V . paracetamol as an adjunct to patient-controlled epidural analgesia with levobupivacaine and fentanyl in labour : a randomized controlled studyGupta, K; Mitra, S; Kazal, S; Saroa, R; Ahuja, V; Goel, P
2016Using the STOP-BANG questionnaire to predict hypoxaemia in patients recovering from noncardiac surgery : a prospective cohort analysisKhanna, A K; Sessler, D I; Sun, Z; Naylor, A J; You, J; Hesler, B D; Kurz, A; Devereaux, P J; Saager, L
2016Clinically Mild Encephalitis / Encephalopathy With a Reversible Splenial Lesion Accompanied by Epstein-Barr Virus Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis : A Case Report and Review of the LiteratureYamaguchi, Hiroshi; Ishida, Toshiaki; Yokoi, Takehito