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2017Comparison of different techniques of central venous pressure measurement in mechanically ventilated critically ill patientsRoger, C; Muller, L; Riou, B; Molinari, N; Louart, B; Kerbrat, H; Teboul, J-l; Lefrant, J-y; Debre, Robert; Medicine, Faculty; Carreau, Chemin; Lane, De; Ea, France; Lane, Carreau De
2016Prospective observational study of the effect of dual antiplatelet therapy with tranexamic acid treatment on platelet function and bleeding after cardiac surgeryAmour, J; Garnier, M; Szymezak, J; Manach, Y Le; Helley, D; Bertil, S; Ouattara, A; Riou, B; Gaussem, P; Care, Critical; Sud, Groupe Hospitalier
2016Trainee anaesthetist diagnosis of intraneural injection — a study comparing B-mode ultrasound with the fusion of B-mode and elastography in the soft embalmed Thiel cadaver modelMunirama, S; Zealley, K; Schwab, A; Columb, M; Corner, G A; Eisma, R; Mcleod, G A; University-erlangen-nuremberg, Friedrich Alexander; Unit, Intensive Care
2016Effects of pneumoperitoneum and Trendelenburg position on intracranial pressure assessed using different non-invasive methodsRobba, C; Cardim, D; Donnelly, J; Bertuccio, A; Bacigaluppi, S; Bragazzi, N; Cabella, B; Liu, X; Matta, B; Lattuada, M; Czosnyka, M; Critical, Neurosciences; Unit, Care; Hospital, Addenbrooke; Road, Hills; Cb, Cambridge
2016Analgesic efficacy of bilateral continuous transversus abdominis plane blocks using an oblique subcostal approach in patients undergoing laparotomy for gynaecological cancer : a prospective , randomized , triple-blind , placebo-controlled studyYoshida, T; Furutani, K; Watanabe, Y; Ohashi, N; Baba, H
2016Preoperative heart rate and myocardial injury after non-cardiac surgery : results of a prede fi ned secondary analysis of the VISION studyAbbott, T E F; Ackland, G L; Archbold, R A; Wragg, A; Kam, E; Ahmad, T; Khan, A W; Niebrzegowska, E; Rodseth, R N; Devereaux, P J; Pearse, R M
2016Comparison between thrombelastography and thromboelastometry in hyper fi brinolysis detection during adult liver transplantationAbuelkasem, E; Lu, S; Tanaka, K; Planinsic, R; Sakai, T
2016Acute risk change ( ARC ) identi fi es outlier institutions in perioperative cardiac surgical care when the standardized mortality ratio cannotCoulson, T G; Bailey, M; Reid, C M; Tran, L; Mullany, D V; Parker, J; Hicks, P; Pilcher, D
2016Detection of optimal PEEP for equal distribution of tidal volume by volumetric capnography and electrical impedance tomography during decreasing levels of PEEP in post cardiac-surgery patientsBlankman, P; Shono, A; Hermans, B J M; Wesselius, T; Hasan, D; Gommers, D
2016Evaluation of clinical practice in perioperative patient blood managementBaron, D M; Metnitz, P G H; Fellinger, T; Metnitz, B; Rhodes, A