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2016Atrophy of the tongue following complete versus partial hypoglossal nerve transection in a canine modelChambers, Kyle J.; Anthony, Douglas C.; Randolph, Gregory W.; Hartnick, Christopher J.; Stopa, Edward G.; Song, Phillip C.
2016A Population-Based Study Investigating Chronic Rhinosinusitis and the Incidence of AsthmaHabib, Al-rahim R; Javer, Amin R; Buxton, Jane A
2016Pulse Steroid Therapy in Idiopathic Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss : A Randomized Controlled Clinical TrialEftekharian, Ali; Amizadeh, Maryam
2016Staged Laryngeal Reconstruction With a Prefabricated Flap for Radiation Recurrent Glottic CarcinomaMourad, Moustafa W; Su, Henry K; Castro, Jerry R; Lazarus, Cathy L; Clain, Jason B; Mojica, Jacqueline S; Urken, Mark L
2016Evaluation of Depression and Anxiety in Empty Nose Syndrome After Surgical TreatmentLee, Ta-jen; Fu, Chia-hsiang; Wu, Ching-lung; Tam, Yuan-yun; Huang, Chi-che
2016Dexamethasone Prevents Hearing Loss by Restoring Glucocorticoid Receptor Expression in the Guinea Pig CochleaStrieth, Sebastian; Schmidtmann, Irene; Stauber, Roland; Helling, Kai
2016Outcomes in Endocrine Cancer Surgery Are Affected by Racial , Economic , and Healthcare System DemographicsAl-qurayshi, Zaid; Randolph, Gregory W; Srivastav, Sudesh; Kandil, Emad
2016Remediation of Problematic Residents — A National SurveyBhatti, Nasir I; Ahmed, Aadil; Stewart, Michael G; Miller, Robert H; Choi, Sukgi S
2016TRIOLOGICAL SOCIETY Product Comparison Model in Otolaryngology : Equivalency Analysis of Absorbable Hemostatic Agents After Endoscopic Sinus SurgeryAntisdel, Jastin L; Meyer, Annika; Comer, Brett; Jang, David; Gurrola, Jose; Khabbaz, Eyad; Christopher, Kara; Kountakis, Stilianos
2016Face Masks and Basketball : NCAA Division I Consumer Trends and A Review of Over-the-Counter Face MasksGandy, Jessica R; Fossett, Lela; Wong, Brian J F