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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2016No TitleAldecoa, Cesar; Alkire, Michael T; Amour, Julien; Ph, D; Anton, James M; Apfelbaum, Jeffrey L; Arzola, Cristian; Sc, M; Bader, Angela M; Barrett, Adam; Bastarche, Julie; Baum, Victor C; Baxter, Mark G; Belda, F Javier; Ph, D; Bersten, Andrew; Bertaccini, Edward; Beutler,
2016A Novel Strategy to Reverse General Anesthesia by Scavenging with the Acyclic Cucurbit[n]uril-type Molecular Container Calabadion 2Diaz-gil, Daniel; Med, Cand; Haerter, Friederike; Falcinelli, Shane; Ganapati, Shweta; Sc, M; Grabitz, Stephanie D; Med, Cand; Duarte, Ingrid Moreno; Cotten, Joseph F; Ph, D; Eikermann-haerter, Katharina; Deng, Hao; Chamberlin, Nancy L; Ph, D; Isaacs, Lyle; Ph, D; Briken,
2016Effects in Combination with RemifentanilMyhre, Marianne; Diep, Lien My; Sc, M; Stubhaug, Audun; Sci, D Med
2016Evaluation of Perioperative Medication Errors and Adverse Drug EventsBates, David W; Sc, M
2016Cerebral Oximetry Monitoring to Maintain Normal Cerebral Oxygen Saturation during High-risk Cardiac SurgeryChoi, Peter T; Turgeon, Alexis F; Sc, M; Medicis, Etienne De; Bussières, Jean S; Hudson, Christopher; Syed, Summer; Seal, Doug; Herd, Stuart; Lambert, Jean; Ph, D
2016G-protein – gated Inwardly Rectifying Potassium Channels Modulate Respiratory Depression by OpioidsMontandon, Gaspard; Ph, D; Ren, Jun; Ph, D; Victoria, Nicole C; Ph, D; Liu, Hattie; Sc, M; Wickman, Kevin; Ph, D; Greer, John J; Ph, D; Horner, Richard L; Ph, D
2016General AnestheticsMesbah-oskui, Lia; Sc, M; Horner, Richard L; Ph, D; Orser, Beverley A; Ph, D
2016Use of Intensive Care Services for Medicare Beneficiaries Undergoing Major Surgical ProceduresWunsch, Hannah; Sc, M; Gershengorn, Hayley B; Cooke, Colin R; Sc, M; Guerra, Carmen; Angus, Derek C; Rowe, John W; Li, Guohua
2016Influence of Diaphragmatic Motion on Inferior Vena Cava Diameter Respiratory Variations in Healthy VolunteersGignon, Lucile; Sc, M; Roger, Claire; Sc, M; Bastide, Sophie; Alonso, Sandrine; Zieleskiewicz, Laurent; Quintard, Hervé; Zoric, Lana; Bobbia, Xavier; Muller, Laurent; Ph, D
2016PET-CT Surveillance versus Neck Dissection in Advanced Head and Neck CancerRobinson, Max; Ph, D; Hartley, Andrew G J; Nutting, Christopher; Ph, D; Powell, Ned; Ph, D; Booz, Hoda Al; Robinson, Martin; Smith, Alison F; Sc, M; Hall, Peter; Ph, D; Dunn, Janet; Ph, D