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2016Kinetic characterization , thermo-stability and Reactive Red 195A dye detoxifying properties of manganese peroxidase-coupled gelatin hydrogel Muhammad Bilal , Muhammad Asgher , Hongbo Hu and Xuehong ZhangPublishing, I W A; Science, Water
2016Study on the diffusion coef fi cients for ammonia nitrogen and nitrite and nitrate in PVA gels Hong Yang and Qingkun GuanPublishing, I W A; Science, Water
2016Facile synthesis of novel hierarchically porous carbon derived from nature biomass for enhanced removal of NaCl Guixiang Quan , Lei Chu , Xiangyun Han , Cheng Ding , Tianming ChenPublishing, I W A; Science, Water
2016surface methodology to adsorb Ca ( II ) in manganiferous wastewater Huixin Zhang , Manli Cui , Xiu-hong Jin , Xu Han and Jie ZhangPublishing, I W A; Science, Water
2016Toward an operational tool to simulate green roof hydrological impact at the basin scale : a new version of the distributed rainfall – runoff model Multi-Hydro Pierre-Antoine Versini , Auguste Gires , Ioulia TchinguirinskaiaPublishing, I W A; Science, Water
2016A novel magnetic biochar from sewage sludge : synthesis and its application for the removal of malachite green from wastewater Jing Zhang , Mao Liu , Tao Yang , Kai Yang and Hongyu WangPublishing, I W A; Science, Water
2016Intrinsic kinetics for fi xed bed bioreactor in hospital wastewater treatment Mehrdad Farrokhi , Mostafa Mahdavianpour , Mehdi Shirzad-Siboni ,Publishing, I W A; Science, Water
2016Modeling light and temperature in fl uence on ammonium removal by Scenedesmus sp . under outdoor conditions Ana Ruiz-Martínez , Joaquin Serralta , Aurora Seco and Jose FerrerPublishing, I W A; Science, Water
2016Assessing the success of fl oodwater spreading projects using a fuzzy approach Abazar Mostafaei , Nasrollah Kalantari and Mirmasoud Kheirkhah ZarkeshPublishing, I W A; Science, Water
2016Photocatalytic removal of doxycycline from aqueous solution using ZnO nano-particles : a comparison between UV-C and visible light Shabnam Pourmoslemi , Ali Mohammadi , Farzad KobarfardPublishing, I W A; Science, Water