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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2016Optimization and modelling using the response surface methodology ( RSM ) for cipro fl oxacin removal by electrocoagulation Sibel Bar ı s ̧ ç ı and Ozge TurkayPublishing, I W A; Science, Water
2016Enhancement of photocatalytic degradation of furfural deposited on cementitious materials Sahar Soltan , Hoda Jafari , Shahrara Afshar and Omid ZabihiPublishing, I W A; Science, Water
2016Wastewater containing Cr ( VI ) treatment using solar tubular reactor Tiele Caprioli Machado and Marla Azário LansarinPublishing, I W A; Science, Water
2016Treatment of hazardous land fi ll leachate using Fenton process followed by a combined ( UASB / DHS ) system Sherif Ismail and Ahmed Taw fi kPublishing, I W A; Science, Water
2016Magnetically modi fi ed biochar for organic xenobiotics removal Ivo Š afar í ̌ k , Zdenka Made ̌ rová , Kristýna Pospí š ková , Hans-Peter Schmidt , ̌ j Malina Eva Baldíková , Jan Filip , Michal Kr í ̌ ž ek , Ondr e and Mirka Š afar í ̌ kováPublishing, I W A; Science, Water
2016Hg ( II ) adsorption using amidoximated porous acrylonitrile / itaconic copolymers prepared by suspended emulsion polymerization Chunnuan Ji , Rongjun Qu , Hou Chen , Xiguang Liu , Changmei SunPublishing, I W A; Science, Water
2016Discussion about initial runoff and volume capture ratio of annual rainfall Kun Zhang , Wu Che , Wei Zhang and Yang ZhaoPublishing, I W A; Science, Water
2016Adsorption of azo dyes from aqueous solution by the hybrid MOFs / GO Ling Li , Zhennan Shi , Hongyang Zhu , Wei Hong , Fengwei Xie and Keke SunPublishing, I W A; Science, Water
2016Spatial and seasonal variation of organic pollutants in surface water using multivariate statistical techniques Ioana-Coralia Feher , Zaharie Moldovan and Ioan OpreanPublishing, I W A; Science, Water
2016Cd ( II ) removal on surface-modi fi ed activated carbon : equilibrium , kinetics and mechanism Jianjun Liang , Meiling Liu and Yufei ZhangPublishing, I W A; Science, Water