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2017Cardiac Calcium Release Channel (Ryanodine Receptor 2) Regulation by Halogenated AnestheticsLaver, Derek R; Ph, D; Attia, John; Ph, D; Oldmeadow, Christopher; Ph, D; Quail, Anthony W
2017Does a Platelet Transfusion Independently Affect Bleeding and Adverse Outcomes in Cardiac Surgery ?Geloven, Nan Van; Ph, D; Brand, Anneke; Ph, D; Meer, Nardo J M Van Der; Ph, D; Watering, Leo M G Van De; Ph, D
2017Comparison of the Prognostic Significance of Initial Blood Lactate and Base Deficit in Trauma PatientsBaumgarten, Romain; Hamada, Sophie; Harrois, Anatole; Ph, D; Riou, Bruno; Ph, D; Group, Traumabase
2017Kelch-like ECH-associated Protein 1-dependent Nuclear Factor-E2–related Factor 2 Activation in Relation to Antioxidation Induced by Sevoflurane PreconditioningCai, Min; Ph, D; Tong, Li; Ph, D; Dong, Beibei; Hou, Wugang; Ph, D; Shi, Likai; Ph, D; Dong, Hailong; Ph, D
2017Influence of Ethanol on Oxycodone-inducedSchrier, Rutger Van Der; Roozekrans, Margot; Olofsen, Erik; Sc, M; Aarts, Leon; Ph, D; Velzen, Monique Van; Ph, D; Jong, Merijn De; Sc, B; Dahan, Albert; Ph, D; Niesters, Marieke; Ph, D
2017Mask Ventilation during Induction of General AnesthesiaKitamura, Yuji; Sato, Yumi; Ishikawa, Teruhiko; Sato, Yasunori; Ph, D; Isono, Shiroh
2017Enzyme Inhibitors or Angiotensin II Receptor BlockersGuyatt, Gordon H; Sc, M; Sessler, Daniel I; Sc, M; Manach, Yannick Le; Ph, D; Thompson, Alexandra; Koshy, Mithin; Devereaux, Breagh; Spencer, Frederick A; Sanders, Robert D; Ph, D; Sloan, Erin N; Morley, Erin E; Paul, James; Sc, M; Raymer, Karen E; Sc, M; Punthakee, Zubin;
2016Preclinical Pharmacology of CW002Belmont, Matthew R; Ornum, Scott G Van; Ph, D; Murrell, Matthew T; Ph, D; Petty, Bryce J; Allen, Erica; Ph, D; Carnathan, Gilbert W; Ph, D
2016Effect of Intralipid ® on the Dose of Ropivacaine or Levobupivacaine Tolerated by VolunteersMazoit, Jean-xavier; Ph, D
2016Unmasking of Focal Neurologic Dysfunction Caused by Sedation : Concerns and AmbiguityAvramescu, Sinziana; Ph, D; Wang, Dian-shi; Ph, D; Horner, Richard L; Ph, D; Beverley, A