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2017Abdominal Pain-Associated Functional Gastrointestinal Disorder Prevalence in Children and Adolescents with Celiac Disease on Gluten-Free Diet: A Multinational StudyOurnal, T H E J; Ediatrics, O F P; Saps, Miguel; Sansotta, Naire; Bingham, Sean; Magazzu, Giuseppe; Grosso, Caterina; Romano, Simone; Pusatcioglu, Cenk; Guandalini, Stefano
2017How Well Do Children with Cystic Fibrosis Sleep? An Actigraphic and Questionnaire-Based StudyOurnal, T H E J; Ediatrics, O F P; Vandeleur, Moya; Bao, M B Bch; Walter, Lisa M; Armstrong, David S; Robinson, Philip; Nixon, Gillian M; Horne, Rosemary S C
2017Hospitalizations for Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Vaccine-Preventable Infections in the First 2 Years After Pediatric Liver TransplantOurnal, T H E J; Ediatrics, O F P
2017Insights and imagesOurnal, T H E J; Ediatrics, O F P
2017Diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis: Consensus Guidelines from the Cystic Fibrosis FoundationOurnal, T H E J; Ediatrics, O F P; Farrell, Philip M; White, Terry B; Ren, Clement L; Hempstead, Sarah E; Accurso, Frank; Derichs, Nico; Howenstine, Michelle; Mccolley, Susanna A; Rock, Michael; Rosenfeld, Margaret; Sermet-gaudelus, Isabelle; Southern, Kevin W; Marshal
2017Relative Risk and Incidence for Developmental Dysplasia of the HipOurnal, T H E J; Ediatrics, O F P; Pollet, Virginie; Percy, Vanessa; Prior, Heather J
2017Prominent Intrapulmonary Bronchopulmonary Anastomoses and Abnormal Lung Development in Infants and Children with Down SyndromeOurnal, T H E J; Ediatrics, O F P
2017Population-Based Outcomes Data for Counseling at the Margin of Gestational ViabilityOurnal, T H E J; Ediatrics, O F P
2017Vascular Channel Mimicking a Skull FractureOurnal, T H E J; Ediatrics, O F P; Harper, Nancy S; Guillaume, Daniel
2016Effects of Extended Freezer Storage on the Integrity of Human MilkOurnal, T H E J; Ediatrics, O F P; Ahrabi, Ali Faraghi; Handa, Deepali; Codipilly, Champa N; Shah, Syed; Williams, Janet E; Mcguire, Mark A; Potak, Debra; Aharon, Grace Golda; Schanler, Richard J