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31-Aug-2012Points to consider in ethically constructing patient-controlled electronic health recordsMeslin, Eric M.; Alpert, Sheri A.; Carroll, Aaron E.; Odell, Jere D.; Schwartz, Peter H.
20-Mar-2015The relationship between psychosocial risk factors and health outcomes of chronic diseases: a review of the evidence for cancer and cardiovascular diseasesPikhart, H; Pikhartova, J
2009How willing are you to accept sexual requests from slightly unattractive to exceptionally attractive imagined requestors?Schützwohl, A; Fuchs, A; McKibbin, W F; Shackelford, T K
11-Nov-2011Posthumous assisted reproductionMcBride, Kalli D.
Oct-2009CTSI Hub Usability Project Final ReportDavid, Bob; Hardwick, Emily; Odell, Jere D.; Skopelja, Elaine N.; Shankar, Anurag; Whipple, Elizabeth C.
Nov-2014Data Report: 2013 Indiana Physician WorkforceSheff, Zachary T.; Nowak, Callie L.; Maxey, Hannah L.; Kelley, Tracie M.
Jan-2012Indiana Mental Health Professionals 2010 Re-Licensure Survey ReportLewis, Cynthia K.; Sheff, Zachary T.; Richard, Amy E.; Brandt, Amy J.; Zollinger, Terrell W.
May-2014Dental Workforce Report of Indiana University School of Dentistry Graduates and Other Practicing Dentists in IndianaKochhar, Komal; Zollinger, Terrell W.; Saywell, Robert M. Jr; Buente, Bryce B.
Aug-2012Indiana Primary Care Clinician 2012 Workforce ReportLewis, Cynthia K.; Sheff, Zachary T.; Zollinger, Terrell W.; Allen, Deborah I.
Mar-2013Indiana Dental Hygienist 2012 Licensure Survey ReportSheff, Zachary T.; Kochhar, Komal; Zollinger, Terrell W.