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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2016Fabrication of polysiloxane-modi fi ed polyurethane sponge as low-cost organics / water separation and selective absorption material Zhengshan Cui , Wanxia He , Jun Liu , Wei Wei , Liang Jiang , Jun HuangPublishing, I W A; Science, Water
2016Optimization of simultaneous biomass production and nutrient removal by mixotrophic Chlorella sp . using response surface methodology Yu-Ru Lee and Jen-Jeng ChenPublishing, I W A; Science, Water
2016Evaluation of unclogging aspects in horizontal subsurface fl ow constructed wetlands Suymara Toledo Miranda , Antonio Teixeira de Matos , Gheila Corrêa Ferres Baptestini and Alisson Carraro BorgesPublishing, I W A; Science, Water
2016Analysis of methane emissions from digested sludge C. Schaum, T. Fundneider and P. CornelPublishing, I W A; Science, Water
2016Removal of barium and strontium from aqueous solution using zeolite 4A Manel Araissi , Imen Ayed , Elimame Elaloui and Younes MoussaouiPublishing, I W A; Science, Water
2016Post-denitri fi cation using alginate beads containing organic carbon and activated sludge microorganisms Dilawar Farhan Shams , Alexandre Rubio , Panagiotis Elefsiniotis and Naresh SinghalPublishing, I W A; Science, Water
2016Modelling real-time control of WWTP in fl uent fl ow under data scarcity Stefan Kroll , Geert Dirckx , Brecht M . R . Donckels , Mieke Van Dorpe ,Publishing, I W A; Science, Water
2016Comparison of wastewater treatment processes on the removal ef fi ciency of organophosphate esters Long Pang , Peijie Yang , Jihong Zhao and Hongzhong ZhangPublishing, I W A; Science, Water
2016Short-term temperature impact on simultaneous biological nitrogen-sulphur treatment in EGSB reactor Michal Sposob , Carlos Dinamarca and Rune BakkePublishing, I W A; Science, Water
2016Research on the synthesis and scale inhibition performance of a new terpolymer scale inhibitor Yufei Bao , Meng Li and Yanqing ZhangPublishing, I W A; Science, Water