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2016Fibromuscular Dysplasia Complicated With Cerebral Stroke in a Child With Congenital DyserythropoieticIi, Anemia Type
2016Neoadjuvant Treatment With Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibitor and Prednisolone Allows Conservative Surgery for Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumor of the BladderTsuma, Yusuke; Miyachi, Mitsuru; Ouchi, Kazutaka
2017Higher risk of opioid-induced respiratory depression in children with neurodevelopmental disability : a retrospective cohort study of 12 904 patientsJay, M A; Thomas, B M; Nandi, R; Howard, R F
2017Non-invasive assessment of fluid responsiveness using CNAP TM technology is interchangeable with invasive arterial measurements during major open abdominal surgeryRenner, J; Gruenewald, M; Hill, M; Mangelsdorff, L; Aselmann, H; Ilies, C; Steinfath, M; Broch, O
2017Electrical impedance tomography for non-invasive assessment of stroke volume variation in health and experimental lung injuryAdler, A; Saugel, B; Haas, S; Trepte, C J C; Phillips, C; Sol, J; Bohm, S H; Reuter, D A
2016Subcortical DNET in a Patient With an Enzymatic Deficiency: A Rare Case and Review of the LiteratureInfinger, L K; Karia, S R; Kinsman, S L; Kosnik, E J; Welsh, C T; Roberts, D R; Bredlau, A L
2017Children and parental anxiolysis in paediatric ambulatory surgery : a randomized controlled study comparing 0 . 3 mg kg 2 1 midazolam to tablet computer based interactive distractionMarechal, C; Berthiller, J; Tosetti, S; Cogniat, B; Desombres, H; Bouvet, L; Kassai, B; Chassard, D; Siqueira, M De Queiroz; F-, Bron
2017SponTaneous Respiration using IntraVEnous anaesthesia and Hi-flow nasal oxygen ( STRIVE Hi ) maintains oxygenation and airway patency during management of the obstructed airway : an observational studyBooth, A W G; Vidhani, K; Lee, P K; Thomsett, C
2017Prevalence and factors predictive of full stomach in elective and emergency surgical patients : a prospective cohort studyBouvet, L; Desgranges, F; Aubergy, C; Boselli, E; Dupont, G; Allaouchiche, B; Chassard, D; Vetagro, Apcse; Upsp, Sup; Marcy-, Bourgelat; Thomas, Albert; Care, Intensive; Lyon, Hospices Civils De; Hospital, Herriot; Etienne, Saint-; Care, Intensive; Lyon, Hospices Civils
2017Detection and differentiation of cerebral microemboli in patients undergoing major orthopaedic surgery using transcranial Doppler ultrasoundKietaibl, C; Engel, A; Menih, I Horvat; Huepfl, M; Erdoes, G; Kubista, B; Ullrich, R; Windhager, R; Markstaller, K; Klein, K U