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2016A method for accounting for test fixture compliance when estimating proximal femur stiffnessRossman, Timothy; Dragomir-Daescu, Dan
2017Treading Lightly : ST-Segment Elevation on an Exercise ElectrocardiogramStauber, Bradley D; Venugopal, Sandhya; Amsterdam, Ezra A
2017Snow fl akes in August : Leptospirosis Hemorrhagic PneumonitisSathiyakumar, Vasanth; Shah, Nishant P; Niranjan-azadi, Ashwini; Tao, Jessica; Tsao, Allison
2017Strong Man with a Weak Heart : The Ill Effects of Performance-Enhancing Drug UseGe, Yin; Liu, Shiying; Singh, Sheldon M
2017Structural Vulnerability : Operationalizing Clinical CareQuesada, James
2017Digital Medicine : “ O Brave New World ” 1Alpert, Joseph S
2017Not All Erythema Migrans Lesions Are Lyme DiseaseGoddard, Jerome
2017Double Jeopardy : Autoimmune Myelo fi brosis with Pyoderma GangrenosumSterling, Cole; Crane, Genevieve M; Al-hariri, Jihad; Shanbhag, Satish
2017LETTER A Case of Apples and OrangesRuser, Christopher B; Kravetz, Jeffrey D; Federman, Daniel G
2017Curious Crosses : Injection-Induced LesionsBhatt, Ankeet S; Perkins, Scott; Mckinnon, Elizabeth; Perfect, John R
2017Intermittent Gastric Volvulus Mimicking Acute Coronary SyndromePatel, Jaymon B; Akshintala, Divya; Patel, Preeti; Emani, Vamsi K; Kalva, Nikhil
2016Full-field measurement of micromotion around a cementless femoral stem using micro-CT imaging and radiopaque markersMalfroy Camine, V.; Rüdiger, H.a.; Pioletti, D.P.; Terrier, a.
2016Proopiomelanocortin Deficiency Treated with a Melanocortin-4 Receptor AgonistBlankenstein, Oliver; Gottesdiener, Keith; Martini, Lea L; Mai, Knut; Peytavi, Ulrike Blume; Grüters, Annette; Krude, Heiko
2017Hospital Accreditation and Community HealthMba, Michael K Poku; Hellmann, David B; Sharfstein, Joshua M
2017Improving Warfarin Management Within the Medical Home : A Health-System ApproachRose, Anne E; Robinson, Erin N; Premo, Joan A; Hauschild, Lori J; Trapskin, Philip J; Mcbride, Ann M
2017Malignant Catatonia Versus DeliriumRegal, Paul
2017Editorial Board Continued
2017Three-Year Intractable Hiccups : Compression of the Right Frontal Lobe by MeningiomaHu, Zhuoqing; Hpd, Liao Cui; Li, Wei; Liang, Ziji; Du, Minqun
2017The Association Between Barium Examination and Subsequent Appendicitis : A Nationwide Population-Based StudyLi, Hao-ming; Yeh, Lee-ren; Huang, Ying-kai; Lin, Cheng-li; Kao, Chia-hung
2016Anterior laxity, graft-tunnel interaction and surgical design variations during anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: A probabilistic simulation of the surgeryDhaher, Yasin Y.; Salehghaffari, Shahab; Adouni, Malek