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2017Poverty and abortion complications in Peru
2017A framework for evaluating the public health impact of e-cigarettes and other vaporized nicotine productsLevy, David T; Cummings, K Michael; Villanti, Andrea C; Niaura, Ray; Abrams, David B; Fong, Geoffrey T; Borland, Ron
2017The Moral Case for AbortionLondon, Ann Furedi; Macmillan, U K Palgrave
2017Introduction to Horizons Review series on neuroimagingLingford-hughes, Anne
2017Volume 112 Number 2 February 2017 197
2017Industry self-regulation of alcohol marketing : a systematic review of content and exposure researchNoel, Jonathan K; Babor, Thomas F; Robaina, Katherine
2017Tobacco harm reduction from clean nicotine delivery is at least 40 years old [ 19 ]. The idea is beautifully simple , but this paper by Levy and colleagues underscores the complexity in evaluating the impact of related products . While the current focus i
2017Selection biases in observational studies affect associations between ‘ moderate ’ alcohol consumption and mortalityNaimi, Timothy S; Stockwell, Timothy; Zhao, Jinhui; Xuan, Ziming; Dangardt, Frida; Saitz, Rich; Liang, Wenbin; Chikritzhs, Tanya
2017Does industry self-regulation protect young people from exposure to alcohol marketing ? A review of compliance and complaint studiesNoel, Jonathan K; Babor, Thomas F; Noel, Jonathan K; Babor, Thomas F
2017Alcohol industry self-regulation : who is it really protecting ?Noel, Jonathan; Lazzarini, Zita; Robaina, Katherine; Vendrame, Alan
2017Volume 112 Number 1 January 2017 1
2017Identifying indicators for quality abortion care : a systematic literature reviewDennis, Amanda; Blanchard, Kelly; Bessenaar, Tshego
2017Physician attitudes and experiences with Maryland ’ s prescription drug monitoring program ( PDMP )Lin, Dora H; Lucas, Eleanor; Murimi, Irene B; Jackson, Katherine; Baier, Michael; Frattaroli, Shannon; Gielen, Andrea C; Moyo, Patience; Simoni-wastila, Linda; Alexander, G Caleb
2017References IS PUBLIC HEALTH REGULATION THE BIGGEST FACTOR INFLUENCING THE USE AND UPTAKE OF VAPORIZED NICOTINE PRODUCTS ? While public health policymakers wrestle with how best to regulate vaporized nicotine products ( VNP ), other factors that may have gLevy, D; Cummings, M; Villanti, A; Niaura, R; Abrams, D; Kronborg, G; Larsen, C S
2017Commentaries References THE PROTECTIVE EFFECTS OF MODERATE DRINKING : LIES , DAMNED LIES , AND … SELECTION BIASES ? Selection biases may have led to bene fi cial effects of moderate drinking being over estimated ; however , they are unlikely to entirely eRoerecke, Michael; Naimi, T S; Stockwell, T; Zhao, J; Xuan, Z; Dangardt, F; Saitz, R
2017Selection bias and relationships between alcohol consumption and mortalityNaimi, Timothy S; Stockwell, Timothy; Saitz, Richard; Chikritzhs, Tanya
2017Alcohol marketing in the Americas and Spain during the 2014 FIFA World Cup TournamentNoel, Jonathan K; Babor, Thomas F; Robaina, Katherine; Feulner, Melissa; Vendrame, Alan; Monteiro, Maristela