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2015Internal and marginal fit of cobalt-chromium fixed dental prostheses fabricated with 3 different techniquesNesse, Harald; Ulstein, Dina Mari Åkervik; Vaage, Malene Myhre; Eilo, Marit
2015Determining color difference thresholds in denture base acrylic resinRen, Jiabao; Lin, Hong; Huang, Qingmei; Zheng, Gang
2015Technique to provisionally maintain the periimplant soft tissue profileLee, Ju Hyoung; Cho, Jin Hyun
2015Influence of dental chair backrest inclination on the registration of the mandibular positionCoelho, Mariana Freire; Cavalcanti, Bruno Das Neves; Claro Neves, Ana Christina; Jóias, Renata Pilli; Rode, Sigmar De Mello
2015News and NotesJarvis, Molly
2013Oral self-injury. An updateLimeres, Jacobo; Feijoo, Javier F.; Baluja, Fernando; Seoane, Juan Manuel; Diniz, Marcio; Diz, Pedro
2015Photoelastic comparison of as-cast and laser-welded implant frameworksLencioni, Karina Albino; Macedo, Ana Paula; Silveira Rodrigues, Renata Cristina; Ribeiro, Ricardo F.; De Almeida, Rossana P.
2016Cvek pulpotomy ??? revisitedBimstein, Enrique; Rotstein, Ilan
2015The EssentialsInventory, National; Materials, Radioactive
2015ADA Meeting: ADA 2015—America's Dental MeetingStories, Success
2015Veneered zirconia crowns as abutment teeth for partial removable dental prostheses: A clinical 4-year retrospective studyPihlaja, Juha; Näpänkangas, Ritva; Kuoppala, Ritva; Raustia, Aune
2015An adjustable, cast based, fully restrictive surgical guideStumpel, Lambert J.
2013Reflections on my journey in biomedical research: the art, science, and politics of advocacy.Slavkin, H C
2015Marginal fit and microbial leakage along the implant-abutment interface of fixed partial prostheses: An in vitro analysis using Checkerboard DNA-DNA hybridizationDo Nascimento, C????ssio; Ikeda, Larissa Naomi; Pita, Murillo Sucena; Pedroso Esilva, Rafael C????ndido; Pedrazzi, Vin????cius; De Albuquerque, Rubens Ferreira; Ribeiro, Ricardo Faria
2014Comparison of linear measurements between CBCT orthogonally synthesized cephalograms and conventional cephalogramsYang, S.; Liu, D. G.; Gu, Y.
2015A stereolithographic resin pattern for evaluating the framework, altered cast partial removable dental prosthesis impression, and maxillomandibular relationship record in a single appointmentLee, Ju Hyoung; Lee, Cheong Hee
2015In vitro comparison of instrumental and visual tooth shade determination under different illuminantsKr????ger, Elke; Matz, Stefanie; Dekiff, Markus; Tran, Bao Long; Figgener, Ludger; Dirksen, Dieter
2015Comparison of treatment time versus patient satisfaction in at-home and in-office tooth bleaching therapyBernardon, Jussara Karina; Ferrari, Patricia; Baratieri, Luiz Narciso; Rauber, Gabrielle Branco
2015Gingival Crevicular Fluid Levels of Sclerostin, Osteoprotegerin, and Receptor Activator of Nuclear Factor-kappaB Ligand in Periodontitis.Balli, Umut; Aydogdu, Ahmet; Ongoz Dede, Figen; Turer, Cigdem Coskun; Guven, Berrak
2015Annual review of selected scientific literature: report of the committee on scientific investigation of the American Academy of Restorative DentistryDonovan TE1, Anderson M, Becker W, Cagna DR, Hilton TJ, McKee JR, Metz Je.