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Title: Atrial fibrillation driven by micro-anatomic intramural re-entry revealed by simultaneous sub-epicardial and sub-endocardial optical mapping in explanted human hearts
Authors: Hansen, Brian J;Zhao, Jichao;Csepe, Thomas A;Moore, Brandon T;Li, Ning;Jayne, Laura A;Kalyanasundaram, Anuradha;Lim, Praise;Bratasz, Anna;Powell, Kimerly A;Simonetti, Orlando P;Higgins, Robert S D;Kilic, Ahmet;Mohler, Peter J;Janssen, Paul M L;Weiss, Raul;Hummel, John D;Fedorov, Vadim V
Keywords: 1 614 292 4888;1 614 292 5154;atrial fibrillation;catheter radiofrequency ablation;com;corresponding author;edu;email;fax;fedorov;fibrosis;gadolinium-enhanced mri;gmail;intramural re-entry;optical mapping;osumc;rotor;tel;vadim;vadimfed
Issue Date: 2013
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