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2013 Cardiovascular (8305).pdf.jpg2013Off-pump coronary artery bypass graft in patients with type 2 diabetes : pushing the Bypass Angioplasty Revascularization Investigation Type 2 Diabetes trial too farTaggart, David P
2013 Cardiovascular (8291).pdf.jpg2013Long-term dual antiplatelet therapy for secondary prevention of cardiovascular events in the subgroup of patients with previous myocardial infarction: a collaborative meta-analysis of randomized trials.Udell, Jacob a; Bonaca, Marc P; Collet, Jean-Philippe; Lincoff, a Michael; Kereiakes, Dean J; Costa, Francesco; Lee, Cheol Whan; Mauri, Laura; Valgimigli, Marco; Park, Seung-Jung; Montalescot, Gilles; Sabatine, Marc S; Braunwald, Eugene; Bhatt, Deepak L
2013 Cardiovascular (8876).pdf.jpg2013Position Paper of the European Society of Cardiology Working Group Cellular Biology of the Heart: Cell-based therapies for myocardial repair and regeneration in ischemic heart disease and heart failureMadonna, Rosalinda; Van Laake, Linda W.; Davidson, Sean M.; Engel, Felix B.; Hausenloy, Derek J.; Lecour, Sandrine; Leor, Jonathan; Perrino, Cinzia; Schulz, Rainer; Ytrehus, Kirsti; Landmesser, Ulf; Mummery, Christine L.; Janssens, Stefan; Willerson, James; Eschenhagen, Thomas; Ferdinandy, Pter; Sluijter, Joost P G
2013 Cardiovascular (8281).pdf.jpg2013Optimal timing of surgery for active infective endocarditis with cerebral complications: A Japanese multicentre studyOkita, Yutaka; Minakata, Kenji; Yasuno, Shinji; Uozumi, Ryuji; Sato, Tosiya; Ueshima, Kenji; Konishi, Hiroaki; Morita, Naomi; Harada, Masafumi; Kobayashi, Junjiro; Suehiro, Shigefumi; Kawahito, Koji; Okabayashi, Hitoshi; Takanashi, Shuichiro; Ueda, Yuichi; Usui, Akihiko; Imoto, Kiyotaka; Tanaka, Hiroyuki; Okamura, Yoshitaka; Sakata, Ryuzo; Yaku, Hitoshi; Tanemoto, Kazuo; Imoto, Yutaka; Hashimoto, Kazuhiro; Bando, Ko
2013 Cardiovascular (827).pdf.jpg2013A Direct Comparison of Intravenous Enoxaparin With Unfractionated Heparin in Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention ( from the ATOLL Trial )Collet, Jean-philippe; Huber, Kurt; Cohen, Marc; Zeymer, Uwe; Henry, Patrick; Varenne, Olivier; Carrié, Didier; Coste, Pierre
2013 Cardiovascular (8286).pdf.jpg2013Mitral valve plasty using left antero-axillary thoracotomy for a patient with pulmonary hypoplasiaShimamura, Junichi; Yamamoto, Shin; Oshima, Susumu; Sasaguri, Shiro
2013 Cardiovascular (12360).pdf.jpg2013The year in cardiology 2014: Peripheral circulationAboyans, Victor; Brodmann, Marianne; De Carlo, Marco; Clement, Denis; Mazzolai, Lucia; Van Bortel, Lucas; Van Sambeek, Marc R H; Vlachopoulos, Charalambos
2013 Cardiovascular (832).pdf.jpg2013Prevalence and Prognostic Role of Various Conduction Disturbances in Patients With the Brugada SyndromeMaury, Philippe; Rollin, Anne; Sacher, Frédéric; Gourraud, Jean-baptiste; Raczka, Franck; Pasquié, Jean-luc; Duparc, Alexandre; Mondoly, Pierre; Bongard, Vanina; Sadron, Marie; Denis, Arnaud; Davy, Jean-marc; Probst, Vincent
2013 Cardiovascular (8308).pdf.jpg2013Comparative study for surgical management of thymectomy for non-thymomatous myasthenia gravis from the French national database EPITHOR.Orsini, Bastien; Santelmo, Nicola; Pages, Pierre Benoit; Baste, Jean Marc; Dahan, Marcel; Bernard, Alain; Thomas, Pascal Alexandre; EPITHOR project (French Society of Thoracic and Cardiovascular surgery)
2013 Cardiovascular (8262).pdf.jpg2013From baby to man with a piggyback heart : long-term success of heterotopic heart transplantationHolinski, Sebastian; Hausdorf, Gerd; Konertz, Wolfgang
2013 Cardiovascular (8875).pdf.jpg2013CardioPulse Articles <i>Pioneers in cardiovascular medicine</i> Retired and having funChristian Matter MDLeft ventricular assist device implantationThird European Congress on e-Cardiology and e-HealthA new initiative: online interaction through secure electronic platformsPeople’s corner: New <i>EHJ</i> positionFilippatos, Gerasimos; Admin-, Drug
2013 Cardiovascular (8874).pdf.jpg2013Cardiomyopathies: Definition, diagnosis, causes, and geneticsL??scher, Thomas F.
2013 Cardiovascular (8254).pdf.jpg2013Factors predicting occult lymph node metastasis in completely resected lung adenocarcinoma of 3 cm or smallerHung, Jung Jyh; Yeh, Yi Chen; Jeng, Wen Juei; Wu, Yu Chung; Chou, Teh Ying; Hsu, Wen Hu
2013 Cardiovascular (8278).pdf.jpg2013Multiscale modelling of single-ventricle hearts for clinical decision support : a Leducq Transatlantic Network of ExcellenceHsia, Tain-yen; Figliola, Richard
2013 Cardiovascular (8295).pdf.jpg2013Doing better in more complex patients : leading the way for QUIPOsnabrugge, Ruben L; Kappetein, A Pieter; Head, Stuart J; Kolh, Philippe
2013 Cardiovascular (8280).pdf.jpg2013Quality of life after intervention on the thoracic aorta Selected studiesJarral, Omar A; Kidher, Emaddin; Patel, Vanash M; Nguyen, Bao; Pepper, John; Athanasiou, Thanos
2013 Cardiovascular (8269).pdf.jpg2013Antioxidants and K + channel agonists versus hydrogen therapy during ex vivo lung perfusion † Knowingly repeating an incorrect and inef fi cient analysis is fl awed logic Reply to Collins and Le ManachMohamed, Mohamed S A
2013 Cardiovascular (8873).pdf.jpg2013Ruptured aneurysm of a major aortopulmonary collateralJoynt, Michael R.; Lu, Jimmy C.; Bocks, Martin L.; Crowley, Dennis C.
2013 Cardiovascular (8275).pdf.jpg2013Randomized comparison of exercise haemodynamics of Freestyle, Magna Ease and Trifecta bioprostheses after aortic valve replacement for severe aortic stenosisBach, David S.; Patel, Himanshu J.; Kolias, Theodore J.; Deeb, Michael
2013 Cardiovascular (8313).pdf.jpg2013Stable and moderate glycaemic control in diabetic patients with bilateral internal mammary grafting : a simple and important recommendationKhargi, Krishna