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2017Limitations of analytical dose calculations for small field proton radiosurgeryDurante, Marco; Paganetti, Harald; Geng, Changran; Daartz, Juliane
2017Analysis of measurement deviations for the patient-specific quality assurance using intensity-modulated spot-scanning particle beamsDurante, Marco; Paganetti, Harald; Lin, Yuting; Clasie, Benjamin; Lu, Hsiao-ming
2017A phenomenological relative biological effectiveness approach for proton therapy based on an improved description of the mixed radiation fieldDurante, Marco; Paganetti, Harald
2017Systematics of relative biological effectiveness measurements for proton radiation along the spread out Bragg peak : experimental validation of the local effect modelDurante, Marco; Paganetti, Harald
2017Secondary radiation measurements for particle therapy applications : prompt photons produced by 4 He , 12 C andDurante, Marco; Paganetti, Harald
2017Application of fluorescent nuclear track detectors for cellular dosimetryDurante, Marco; Paganetti, Harald
2017Investigation of time-resolved proton radiography using x-ray flat-panel imaging systemDurante, Marco; Paganetti, Harald
2017Prediction and compensation of magnetic beam deflection in MR-integrated proton therapy : a method optimized regarding accuracy , versatility and speedWolf, Russell; Bortfeld, Thomas; Durante, Marco; Paganetti, Harald
2016Adaptation of the microdosimetric kinetic model to hypoxiaDurante, Marco; Paganetti, Harald
2017Modulation power of porous materials and usage as ripple filter in particle therapyDurante, Marco; Paganetti, Harald