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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2017Senior EditorsAvery, Simon V
2017Effects of image noise , respiratory motion , and motion compensation on 3D activity quantification in count-limited PET imagesWang, Shouyi; Bowen, Stephen R; Chaovalitwongse, W Art
2017test The effect of system geometry and dose on the threshold detectable calcification diameter in 2D-mammography and digital breast tomosynthesisElangovan, Premkumar; Warren, Lucy M; Mackenzie, Alistair; Cockmartin, Lesley; Marshall, Nicholas W; Ongeval, Chantal Van; Goodsitt, Mitchell M; Chan, Heang-ping; Schmitz, Andrea
2017Iterative volume morphing and learning for mobile tumor based on 4DCTPepin, Eric W; Wu, Huanmei; Sandison, George A; Zhao, Li; Sandison, George A; Farr, Jonathan B; Eley, John Gordon; Newhauser, Wayne David; Richter, Daniel
2017Detectability comparison between a high energy x-ray phase sensitive and mammography systems in imaging phantoms with varying glandular-adipose ratiosWong, Molly Donovan; Yan, Aimin; Ghani, Muhammad; Elangovan, Premkumar; Warren, Lucy M; Mackenzie, Alistair
2017Model observer design for multi-signal detection in the presence of anatomical noiseBarrett, Harrison H; Myers, Kyle J; Hoeschen, Christoph; Cockmartin, Lesley; Marshall, Nicholas W; Ongeval, Chantal Van
2017simulation A depth-of-interaction PET detector using a stair-shaped reflector arrangement and a single-ended scintillation light readoutLee, Min Sun; Lee, Jae Sung; Son, Jeong-whan; Lee, Min Sun; Lee, Jae Sung
2017Direct parametric reconstruction in dynamic PET myocardial perfusion imaging : in vivo studiesPetibon, Yoann; Guehl, Nicolas J; Reese, Timothy G; Karakatsanis, Nicolas A; Casey, Michael E; Lodge, Martin A
2017liver patients Influence of wall thickness and diameter on arterial shear wave elastography : a phantom and finite element studyNenadic, Ivan Z; Qiang, Bo; Urban, Matthew W
2017Attenuation measuring ultrasound shearwave elastography and in vivo application in post-transplant liver patientsQiang, Bo; Brigham, John C; Aristizabal, Sara; Nenadic, Ivan Z; Urban, Matthew W; Mitchell, Scott A; Nenadic, Ivan Z; Qiang, Bo; Urban, Matthew W; Nenadic, Ivan Z; Qiang, Bo; Urban, Matthew W