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2016Abstracts of Osteoporosis Conference 2016June, Edmonton A B
2017Application of nano-LC-MALDI-TOF / TOF-MS for proteomic analysis of microvesiclesKasprzyk, Joanna; St, Ewa; Piekoszewski, Wojciech
2017A sedge plant as the source of Kangaroo Island propolis rich in prenylated p-coumarate ester and stilbenesDuke, Colin C.; Tran, Van H.; Duke, Rujee K.; Abu-Mellal, Abdallah; Plunkett, George T.; King, Douglas I.; Hamid, Kaiser; Wilson, Karen L.; Barrett, Russell L.; Bruhl, Jeremy J.
2017A new missense mutation in UMOD gene leads to severely reduced serum uromodulin concentrations - A tool for the diagnosis of uromodulin-associated kidney disease.Satanovskij, Robin; Bader, Alhaddad; Block, Matthias; Herbst, Victor; Schlumberger, Wolfgang; Haack, Tobias; Nockher, Wolfgang Andreas; Heemann, Uwe; Renders, Lutz; Schmaderer, Christoph; Angermann, Susanne; Wen, Ming; Meitinger, Thomas; Scherberich, Jürgen; Steubl, Do
2017Circulating biomarkers of fibrosis and cardioversion of atrial fibrillation: A prospective, controlled cohort studyBegg, Gordon a.; Lip, Gregory Y H; Plein, Sven; Tayebjee, Muzahir H.
2017Can 100 papers over 50years tell the story of a scientific journal?Kavsak, Peter a.
2017Concordance between CRP and SAA in familial Mediterranean fever during attack-free period: A study of 218 patientsStankovic Stojanovic, Katia; Hentgen, Véronique; Fellahi, Soraya; Georgin-Lavialle, Sophie; Amselem, Serge; Grateau, Gilles; Bastard, Jean-Philippe; Steichen, Olivier
2017Dysregulation of urinary miR-21 and miR-200b associated with interstitial fibrosis and tubular atrophy (IFTA) in renal transplant recipientsZununi Vahed, Sepideh; Omidi, Yadollah; Ardalan, Mohammadreza; Samadi, Nasser
2017Ailanthusins A-G and nor-lupane triterpenoids from Ailanthus triphysaThongnest, Sanit; Boonsombat, Jutatip; Prawat, Hunsa; Mahidol, Chulabhorn; Ruchirawat, Somsak
2017Establishment of reference intervals for procalcitonin in healthy pregnant women of Chinese populationHu, Yun; Yang, Mengyuan; Zhou, Yang; Ding, Yiling; Xiang, Zhongyuan; Yu, Ling
2017The modulation of inflammatory parameters, Brain-derived neurotrophic factor levels and global histone H4 acetylation status in peripheral blood of patients with Gaucher disease type Mello, Alexandre Silva; da Silva, Ivy Reichert Vital; Reinaldo, Gustavo Pereira; Dorneles, Gilson Pires; Ce, Jaqueline; Lago, Pedro Dal; Peres, Alessandra; Elsner, Viviane Rostirola; Coelho, Janice Carneiro
2017Gastroprotective effects of hydroethanolic root extract of Arrabidaea brachypoda: Evidences of cytoprotection and isolation of unusual glycosylated polyphenolsda Rocha, C.Q.; de-Faria, F.M.; Marcourt, L.; Ebrahimi, S.N.; Kitano, B.T.; Ghilardi, a.F.; Luiz Ferreira, a.; de Almeida, a.C.a.; Dunder, R.J.; Souza-Brito, a.R.M.; Hamburger, M.; Vilegas, W.; Queiroz, E.F.; Wolfender, J.-L.
2017Glycation in human fingernail clippings using ATR-FTIR spectrometry, a new marker for the diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes mellitusCoopman, Renaat; Van de Vyver, Thijs; Kishabongo, Antoine Sadiki; Katchunga, Philippe; Van Aken, Elisabeth H.; Cikomola, Justin; Monteyne, Tinne; Speeckaert, Marijn M.; Delanghe, Joris R.
2017β-Amyrin synthase (EsBAS) and β-amyrin 28-oxidase (CYP716A244) in oleanane-type triterpene saponin biosynthesis in Eleutherococcus senticosusJo, Hye-Jeong; Han, Jung Yeon; Hwang, Hwan-Su; Choi, Yong Eui
2016A cautionary tale: Unforeseen consequences of lean processing in a blood sciences laboratoryPerry, Mandy; O'Connor, John; James, Alan J.; Cudmore, Adrian P.; Lewis, Aled V.; Salzmann, Maurice B.; McDonald, Timothy J.
2016Case Report A case of amylase-producing small cell lung cancerWang, Huaiyu; Wu, Qing
2016Amides and neolignans from the aerial parts of Piper boniiDing, Duo Duo; Wang, Yue Hu; Chen, Ya Hui; Mei, Ren Qiang; Yang, Jun; Luo, Ji Feng; Li, Yan; Long, Chun Lin; Kong, Yi
2016A fl ow cytometry assay that measures cellular sensitivity to DNA-damaging agents , customized for clinical routine laboratoriesMathew, Sherin T; Johansson, Pegah; Gao, Yue; Fasth, Anders; Ek, Torben; Hammarsten, Ola
2016Phytochemistry Isolation and absolute configurations of diastereomers of 8 a -hydroxy-T- muurolol and ( 1 a , 6 b , 7 b ) -cadinane-4-en-8 a , 10 a -diol from Chimonanthus salicifoliusLi, Dan; Jiang, Yu-yan; Jin, Zhi-min; Li, Hai-yan; Xie, Hu-jun; Wu, Bin; Wang, Kui-wu
2016Analytical evaluation of the BioPlex® 2200 25-OH vitamin D total assayAbou El Hassan, Mohamed; Lin, Dan C.C.; Earle, Tammy; Spencer, Megan; Blasutig, Ivan M.